Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Her World......( Short story)

Reshma checked herself in the mirror. Having scrubbed her face clean of make-up, she looked like an ordinary girl. None could think, let alone say, she worked as a bargirl.

"Reshma, your taxi is waiting," her friend Khushi called out.

"Coming," she said, stepping out of the bar and hurried into the taxi.

"Andheri," she told the driver. It was almost 2.00 a.m. She wanted to get to Aditya fast. He had been restless and restive lately. The very thought of Aditya made her smile. Soon she was home. She paid the cabbie and without waiting for him to give her the change, rushed into the lift and was in the flat in a jiffy.

"Mallika.." she called out. Her friend came out of the bedroom. "Aditya is sleeping, he has no fever now." Mallika, who lived in the flat next door, left Reshma alone to be with Aditya.

Reshma went inside her bedroom and checked on Aditya. He did not stir. She showered quickly, getting into her robe. Before getting into the bed, she loosened her robe and lay down beside Aditya. She put an arm around him. He stirred, smiled and nuzzled her breast, latching on to one. Utter bliss, she thought, her love flowing through her, sharing an intangible feeling with Aditya. She kept caressing his head and smiled contentedly. He was the very core of her existence. She could not imagine her life without him. She held him closer... he had come into her life only a short while ago......

………………………………………………Aditya was her four-month-old son.

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