Friday, 1 July 2005

Christina's World


Looking up the manor
With thoughts of injustices done to her

Battered, broken and bruised
She lay there angry and sad

Sudden hatred sweeping through her
She violently wished the Lord of the manor dead!!


Another take on CHRISTINA’ WORLD

“Christina……….Christina…” She broke off from her reverie. But did not get up. It was her favorite spot lying on the grass and look longingly at the villa far away.

“ Christy, my sweety, your mama is gone. You will live with me now.” She had distant memory of her aunt Caryn telling her when she was four years old. Unable to comprehend, she had snuggled into her aunt and gone back to sleep. She barely knew her mama, who was sick and was in a sanatorium. Aunt Caryn had always been around and loved her.

Now eleven years old, Christina was a happy enough child. But felt something vital missing from her life. Her papa. No one talked about him. In her mind, she conversed with him all the time. She wished for him to come for her.

“ Christina? Where are you?” She heard it again and turning back saw her friend, Timothy, running towards her.

Without a pause, he said, “ there is someone at your place. You better come fast. Aunt Caryn is crying.”


“ Don’t know.”

Both trudged along to the village without saying another word. There in front of her tiny house there was a bogey standing. Timothy ran back to his house. Christina entered inside and saw a tall gentleman holding her aunt. Hearing footsteps, they broke apart.

Christina looked at him. He was a pleasant looking man with kindly eyes. “ Who are you?” Christina was not one to mince her words.

“ He is your papa, David Thorndike.” Caryn replied just as directly.

“ And she is your mama,” he said looking at Caryn.

“ How?” My mama is dead.”

David and Caryn had been childhood sweethearts and wanted to marry each other. Both their parents disapproved of their relationship. So David married Caryn secretly and before he could tell anyone, he was sent on a secret mission to a far off place. While coming back, he was ambushed and left for dead. The local people had taken him in, cared for him and saved his life. As he had lost his memory, he could not tell them about his background or his family. He, with his good bearing and pleasant manner, had endeared himself to those village people and had been with them, working for their betterment for so long. While working one day, he had fallen down a horse and regained his memory. And he was back for Caryn as soon as he could.

As no one was aware of the wedding, Caryn had to pretend Christina was her sick sister’s child.

Christina ran towards and hugged them both.

As it turned out, David Thorndike was the owner of the villa.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these with me. I enjoyed the sternness of the first and the lightheartedness of the second. Both compliment the picture well with their different views. Well done. Have a nice day.