Sunday, 30 September 2012

lure of the impure

It Must Be Time For Lunch Now, 1979, by Francesca Woodman 
I long for you
in the fractured  links of my mind
thinking you would fill in the gaps
and mend the holes
wishful thinking on my part
you have been absent for so long

I blocked you out of my heart
fairly easy task
when one has a blockade
I don't believe in the adage
"sometimes you bend,
sometimes you break"

I hold the fork in my palm
clutch pain to myself
my soul burns infernally
with a mirrored effect on my body
I am not so sure of the lure of you
which is so impure

"I might rock, if my eyes stayed open
and I did not feel so drunk"


  1. You describe this achingly well.

  2. Ah yes - such is the lure and devastation of love!

  3. Totally amazing.... !!! I loved:

    my soul burns infernally--

    and the rest...xj

  4. Relationships over empty places and spaces are difficult. It's no easy task to maintain the feeling of warmth, of love, while also considering indiscretions. You have expressed that so clearly, Gautami. Thank you for sharing this. ♥

  5. You captured the heartache nicely...

  6. Love. The grief can be so intense. An abstraction that requires a distraction if we are to survive it.

  7. Dark and deep and beautifully composed ...

  8. a beautiful piece of writing...x

  9. sadly and sweetly written.well done.

  10. I like aspect of building walls inside because sometimes I do.

  11. Phew... very intense. This can only be written the way if it if one has felt those feelings.

  12. Well done! laurie @

  13. Wow... incredibly written...BRAVO !!!

  14. I like how you expressed this- thanks.

  15. "I am not so sure of the lure of you"

    love that line!

    fabulous take on the photo prompt!

  16. An amazing capturing in words of the photo! You have an amazing talent Gautami!

  17. The fork as amulet is so original, Gautami. I really enhoyed this aching entity you have constructed.

  18. The fork as amulet is so original, Gautami. I really enhoyed this aching entity you have constructed.

  19. There is palpable pain in this. Well done.

  20. That is why people should realize what kind of feelings can be inflicted even visually. We develope feelings and sensory emotions.

    Strong veribage. Enjoyed this.

  21. Wow.

    I can feel the agony in each carefully craft word here.

    I was going to say the last verse was my favorite but I reread your work twice and I have to confess that I love the whole thing.

    Start to finish.

    Brilliant and powerful words you have written here.