Tuesday, 4 September 2012

tipsy fingers play footsie

hand on my hand
evidence of strength.
smooth sensuality changes gear
subtle shift of bare sensations
rest in the small of my back
light touches of the fingers
ignite the skin,
refresh volatile thoughts.
will it last
that bare white emotion
nine is only a number
gassed into bits
five is my destiny
when I enter your mind again
after eight hours
my hand, your fingers
banter with each other,
then coming into their element,
play the erotic dance
rawness of which amazes me still

"taming the toes was never a duty,
why then I curl my feet?"


  1. Ah... the heart knows the feel of love, tipsy fingers or, not.
    Very sensual, the rawness amazing, the curl of the feet, sexy indeed ;)

  2. A wonderful poem! love the comment at the end, you made me smile--why indeed? Toes were never meant to be tamed :-)

  3. really a lot of neat lines here. the senses come alive here, ignite, such a great word, as it really sticks with you as you continue through the piece. Great read. Thanks

  4. Very well done. I like the little pause of the work day, only a brief interruption of the fire of love.

  5. Aw the dance of passion. I love this

  6. Nice love poem. So good to be able to rely on those curly toes.

  7. A sweet and passionate poem. The title makes me smile and smile and smile.

  8. What a delight it is to meld, merge be at one with the other. You words were electric as each touch, each reaction was shared and beautifully conveyed.

  9. Beautiful poem. Toes are meant to be happy and dancing!

  10. I like the play with numbers in this piece..like guessing how many fingers are tickling your back..jae

  11. love the idea of hand and fingers bantering. Nice use of 3WW.

  12. Pretty damned hot if I do say so myself. I love that kind of interaction....loved it.

  13. This gave me warm fuzzies. Wonderful intimacy, and I like the continuation after the separation to work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Better than tipsy! Fingers. Footsie. Banter. Erotic Dance.

  15. What a wonderful fun poem! Love the finger fun.