Sunday, 23 September 2012

poeming with songs

why do you need sleep-
is it to dream?
waking eyes see the inner soul
only an open mind can fathom the depth.
sleep takes us to a bottomless pit of no escape
at least for me, at least for me.......

do you expect halcyon days of youth
to ease handling life,
the onus solely lies with you
the songs you sing will keep you awake

oh, you need sleep
to pursue dreams
closed eyes are the soul of conscious
a rested mind can plunge into deep emotions
sleep is that escape we need
now and then, now and then

"let me escape into poems while you dream your songs"


  1. sleep is something so magical..partly they managed to find out what happens while we sleep, a lot of it i think is still a secret..pursuing dreams..a rested mind can plunge into deep emotions..a great escape for sure..

  2. oh my this is so true. sleep is where dreams come true.

  3. An interesting poem - I find I dream or remember dreams much less as I age. (I may sleep less too.) All these purposes to sleep. k.

  4. My world of dreams is a strange place, always challenging, sometimes frightening; complicated and unfathomable. I often wake up more tired than when I went to sleep.

  5. Ah, to sleep is to potentially open oneself up to other life experiences. It is another journey we take when we sleep.

  6. think i will go to sleep now...yet while we do our minds still turn.....

  7. I so love your closing line....absolutely beautiful.

  8. Sleep is like magic and

    "that escape we need
    now and then, now and then"

    ...well said.

  9. Sleep can be magical--your writing certainly is! Really enjoyed this :-)

  10. I love to sleep because my dreams are better than my reality - my family is alive and on vacation in my best ones! But, indeed, we are the masters of our own fate...

  11. How beautifully perceptive this poem is. Your words were the ones I wanted to read.

  12. "let me escape into poems while you dream your songs"

    Like this line, enjoyed the poem

  13. "let me escape into poems while you dream your songs"

    If one is able to achieve this in a relationship will be more than beautiful..


  14. This is beautiful.
    The closing line fabulous!

  15. oh my gosh the spam the spam has taken over my site... sleep is lovely when one can sleep... but restless sleep the worse.... i love it when something during the day pops up from one of my dreams and all day i ponder the fleeting visions of my dreams... this is what i thought of when i read your singing song of dreaming

  16. i've had insomnia for years so sleep is very special to me.

  17. Your poem gives me a whole new respect for rest!