Wednesday, 14 September 2011

spoken inside the head

I tackle the pawns to the ground
the rook runs backward
I move forward with ease
it is like a movie you know
where pictures overlap
I may work for the king
but I covet the queen
she ignores me in the day time
yet night's distractions make her close
I might have taken to the robes
you don't understand my secret desire
the pace is slow or fast,
let the queen decide
as I don't care for omissions

"I like to see things from cock-eyed perspectives
slithering up the diagonals"

I don't take credit for the last line. I edited it just a bitIt came from someone who creates pictures for us, where the beauty and ugliness of the world go hand in hand. He makes sure we understand. I can't name him here but he will know when he reads my poetry.......


  1. Whoever's responsible, I like "slithering" in this context. neat take on both the game and the Game.

  2. Well that's one lark of a poem.

  3. I really like the strong chess imagery running through this poem. Great stuff! I also like the thought that in addition to speaking to us, there's a specific nod to someone who will know who they are when they read it.

  4. Creative and fun. I love it: the angst of a chess piece with a secret desire. (If I knew chess better, I would know which piece you were talking about!) Well done!

  5. Intriguing scenario especially the dangerous lust after the queen. Great to visualise.

  6. It seems like the King and Queen battle over who is in control. I love how you depict them both and how this person is draw to the Queen over the King. Who is in control?
    Great write

  7. I'm not sure which piece is speaking this...the Knight? The Bishop? Either way, I read unrequited desire in these lines. Nicely done.


  8. I can most certainly relate to the mind's royal ball... = )

  9. What a fabulous picture you painted, in words.
    Really, very beautiful.

  10. Gautami, I am not sure which chess piece you are referring to, but this is a wonderfully penned poem.


  11. Love this poem, Gautami.

  12. Ah, the strategy of chess, the strategy in life. Sometimes we plot our encounters with people as we would plot strategy for a game. Lovely imagery! Thanks for sharing!

  13. A brilliant interpretation of the game. I too like to look sideways at life, and slithering up the diagonals sums it up beautifully, whoever wrote it!

  14. wow,
    chess, what a smart move in writing about it.


  15. Clever and original! Just perfect, really.

  16. This is so clever and such a great poem thanks for sharing

  17. I agree. Very clever, with an undertone of need. Thank you.