Thursday, 8 September 2011

noting it all down

my notebook collects dust
papers flutter
the corners get folded
I move the dust with my fingers
cool air from the ocean touch me
the open window calls out
my eyes move over my notebook again
this time, it is electronic,
a very flat surface

"particles drift into each other
pour into impersonal electromagnetic aura"


  1. Very nice, I'm very familiar with that dust...

  2. smiles. happens to all of us at times...and may the muse find you ready...

  3. enjoyed your situation.
    fabulous 55.

  4. hope you find your muse...happy day ~

  5. Uh Huh....
    Going Hi-Tech!!!
    Love having you back Gautami,
    Loved your 55.
    You write with such Ease...
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  6. A diverging thought...There is something so impersonal about the electronic page. No amount of dust can ever replace the page of paper from Nature's woods!

  7. You made me yearn for ocean breezes instead of cold AC and 108f outdoors...

  8. But we must step away and experience those summer breezes in order to write of them... :) Sometimes letting the dust gather on paper is a good thing.

  9. Ocean breezes would be nice. I'm used to dust and pollen blowing in when the window is open--but I still love the breeze.

  10. I often wonder if I shouldn't try writing more often in the old kind of notebook.

  11. An interesting angle on the window theme.

  12. Your poem makes me homesick; I am from an old, dusty home by the ocean!
    Ah, the view is so beautiful and the dust is the lingering memories!
    I really enjoyed your poem~

  13. A nice, gentle start to the morning..thank you!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. And yet these impersonal, flat surfaced particles have brought you closer to me. I count it as a good thing.

  15. I love that. Love the particles Great poem.

  16. It sounds like we've been stuck in the same place the last couple of weeks. But even when you write aout not writing, you do it so beautifully.

  17. I love the scene you set! I have a desk covered in papers and notebooks; things I need to sort
    through-my real writing happens somewhere else! thanks.