Tuesday, 12 July 2011

un-click it

I am just a container
of your fuddled thoughts
those inane ideas
out of gravitation poses
I try to be as patient as I can
and smiles in flashes
in the dark
in the day light I hide in surroundings
unknown objects interest me most
or the expression of the young
or even the old, guileless those are
that bring me serenity
When my shutter closes,
I trap the world in
sealing in fate

"why don't you tell me 
who will let out my trapped images
the ones which don't see the light ever-
you ought to put a button
captioned indecisive option on the top
and let me, the camera, speak?"


  1. A. You!

    Thankyou for your lovely poem.

    Yes I ponder the light. Much of our thinking can be done in the shadows and in the dark.

    Watch your thoughts, and 'try' only to let those positive thoughts reach the light. Well, I'm sure you do!

    The dark can not survive in the light. So maybe shine light into the darkness.

    It is not always easy...

    Not sure what I'm saying now.

    Maybe you can enlighten me...

  2. ah as a poet there are thos things that dont make the light of day as well...when do we let them out and to whom...

  3. Those first few lines speak to me, I can so relate to fuddled thoughts.

  4. 'When my shutter closes,
    I trap the world in
    sealing in fate'

    That caught me there..coz' it's so true!! Wonderful sketch of thoughts!!

  5. The quiet observer..recorder of the world..I love this piece..it has a quiet power..Jae

  6. I love the camera's voice here. it's an eye that captures so much and sometimes screams mutely.

  7. I need an indecisive option!

  8. Gautami: You've captured perfectly the nature and essence of a camera. Not only that, your poem reminds me of how my minds works: I think in either still images or moving film and the concept of mind and eyes like a camera very much speaks and appeals to me.


  9. This poem shows your skill and your wisdom. I sincerely admire both.

  10. an observer of life capturing images and (thoughts?) great poem

  11. The voice of the camera is nicely evoked here.

  12. Love your POV here and dedication to detail.

  13. The indecisive option is a winner.

  14. As a photographer, this one smarts. :) Nice work!

  15. What an autobiography!! And filled with so many metaphors as well!

    Yes, I do feel for this click-machine...

    Very well worded, Gautami..

  16. A blending of two mediums, giving voice to a visual captive. Lovely.

  17. Dear Gautami....
    thanks for sharing such a lovely poetry... I enjoyed it a lot.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya