Thursday, 21 July 2011

cloaked mask

it happened again. yet again.
penny dropped
i did not see it

i had left that ending hanging
even though it jiggled to the extreme end
i ignored the title early on

trying to plant seeds
you pulled those out like weeds
you hid me from the earth

i thought it was to protect me
i did not see that my invisibility
gave you that escape

i was only wrapped in the quality of that cloak
while you danced gleefully in the safety of several

"build a cenotaph for me, and be more joyous"


For a few weeks now I struggle to write. I am unable to pen longer verses, even short ones are not coming. I am not even making rounds to read your poetry. That is another downside. Hope I get back to writing soon. When muse dies, I feel half dead. Any poet/writer can relate to that state.
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  1. I am sorry, Gautami.The only thing I can suggest is to deliberately ignore your writing, even when it starts calling. Find something to occupy yourself. Your writing brain won't like that. The other thing you can do is to go back through your writing and revise old poems. Wishing all luck.


  2. The cloaked mask in this case, i guess is your lack of confidence is wording verses and unleashing your creativity happens to all for a a lot, take a break! and do come back with the best yet again!!!

    P.S. Saying that, this one was yet another lovely work from you..I like the freedom it shoves in each line..:)

  3. Fiducia, lack of confidence is least of my worries....

  4. In need of a spring clean perhaps........?????

  5. Perhaps the answer is to let another person inside you do the writing for a change. Surely there is that alter ego there that you have suppressed up until now. Let them out to play havoc. Perhaps let them say things that you haven't dared until now. What would you say if you were not you?

  6. read absorb others writing for awhile and then maybe you'll be inspired again.or try a different kind of writing you wouldn't normally do.

  7. When I get stuck I seek out a form of poetry I have not tried before and the discipline of sticking to a specific formula often helps. Sometimes though you just need to go away from it for a while.

  8. I know the feeling and the only way i break the barrier is to write my way out. Just writing whatever comes to mind; void of patterns or stanzas and eventually I see something I like and go from there. It may take a while but it's worth the effort for me.

  9. you make us think.
    everyone has a way of writing things out and make it work.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Potluck.