Tuesday, 15 March 2011

an ordinary moment

that smile. 
it holds for a while.
I look at the fingers.
those toes neatly trimmed
I rub my fingertips 
like the feel of those.
when smile wavers to give way
to twinkling eyes-
I want to take a picture
as I wish to hold on to that moment
but I know I can't do justice to it

"the pictures come to life only when you take those-
an ordinary moment turns into an event"


  1. Some moments are indescribable, even by a camera. They are beautiful and wonderful and the feeling stirred is simply beyond all replication; lovely sentiments shared with us today. Fine write!

  2. smiles. if only we could capture those moments...no we cant capture all the magic but i would settle for just a little...

  3. So many of those moments, yes? They are the string of perfect pearls that form our lives (with the somewhat less perfect knots tied between).

  4. Those are the moments we hold on to.

  5. What a lovely moment.. and so vivid.. I enjoyed it throughly... Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ शांति ॐ
    Om Shanti Om
    May peace be... praying for People of Japan
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  6. A lovely poem. Enchanting.

    Lady Nyo

  7. "...but I know I can't do justice to it" - so true. But with poetry one tries and has something to show for the moment, even if not entire. Well said!

    (Thanks, too, for reading and leaving a comment on One Shot Wednesday poem - much appreciated!)

  8. How beautifully said, Gautami.


  9. True words, nicely framed, and presented. The ordinary moments make up our lives, and treasuring the good ones is important.

  10. You've captured the loveliness of an ordinary moment. Well done.

  11. Beautiful!, so pleasing to the senses. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I must tell you that your comments were appreciated.

    ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

  12. capturing loveliness is truly an art...bkm

  13. Nice one! no we can't do justice to life's little moments, but we can always try and keep a mental note
    Cherish the day :)

  14. Yeah?
    And I'd like to see a pic of those neatly trimmed toes!
    Loved your One Shot!

  15. This reminds me that it's all made of ordinary moments, too many to ever photograph. So much great stuff to witness and be aware of!


  16. i wish the camera could even capture the magic in those little moments.. well, technology says we need to make do with just the image for now.. the memory lies in our mind..

  17. Alegria Imperial16 March 2011 at 16:09

    Such moments encrusted in the heart, engraved in memory that keep flowing in and out as words--I'm sure this is not the last poem out of it! Thank you!

  18. Solid lead-up, love the last three lines (I can relate strongly to them).

  19. Sweet word picture of trying to capture the beautiful moments we encounter day to day :)

  20. as much as we want to capture these moment...we somehow can't. It is just outside our grasp. vb

  21. Those moments are the photo albums of the mind. You words reminded me of many such moments when my kids were babies, and I was in awe of the miracle of it all. No camera could ever do that justice.

  22. Isn't it good that our minds can capture these moments also?....I like this

  23. You've said something profound with this poem. Thank you.

  24. This poem is so soft-spoken yet vivid, even sensual in how it can touch. But even saying that seems too "loud" for what this poem gives.

    Just those first two lines, "that smile. it holds for a while." takes my breath away. Quiet does not mean meaning cannot be heard as so well demonstrated here. I am really impressed with this effort of yours. Thanks much! ~neil

  25. the thing with me is ..i almost always feel i CAN capture that moment...lol..

    this was a sweet write gautami...nice to meet you and fancy that...you live in delhi too !!!


    hi...am sonny...:)

  26. A poem which celebrates those ordinary moments we treasure.

  27. You encapsulated what I try to do with words...capture the picture. And there are times I am not sure I do the picture justice either.