Saturday, 31 July 2010

wolfish grins

this road is curvy and wavy,

uphill it is not,
you can walk all of it,

still end up nowhere

the beginning is the end,

the end is the beginning

a paradox or whole truth

even great seers can't say

you see a wolf,
you see a little girl,
wearing something red

with a hood on her head

both stand at arms length,

apparently arguing.
we see the wolf crumble-
run to catch him before he falls

she ditched him for a dog,

he can't take it anymore

his grief tears you apart,

the road unravels itself
you traverse through it-

consoling the wolf

I stand there with our girl

her red aura spreads to me

I too walk out,
away from you,
never to return

"you see it is a woman's world now"


  1. My, what big ideas you have... :)

  2. Alas it will never be a womans world..You will always have the battle of the sexes but ulimately the male will always dominant and that is the sad truth

  3. An excellent poem filled with solid imagery. Great work!


  4. Gautami,

    Read 2 poems now. Previous one shows faith in love while this one shows self confidence. Both are well written.

    Take care

  5. Full of classical pictures and modern fear.

    Best wishes

  6. a paradox or whole truth
    even great seers can't say

  7. You bring the story into closeup, close to home. Nothing is quite as it seems.

  8. And such is the way of life..people and situatons change.

  9. The ending has a nice surprise twist.

  10. Ha! My daughter used to say, "Girls rule, Boys drool!" I love this piece. Very well done.

  11. Love the imagery in this piece!

  12. the ending is the beginning, the beginning is the ending...what brilliant words.
    loved it!

  13. Great imagery, and what I surprise ending. I agree, LOL!

  14. Time is biting its own tail?
    I like the wolf's reaction--grief.

  15. And your poem's ending is perhaps its beginning. Many good images in this.

  16. I love the circular energy in this Gautami, and the statement of empowerment...


  17. I like how you turned the tale on its head...your parallel with a lover's quarrel...the suggestion that the wolf almost needed Red to exist. And by the way, nice work with rhyming -- it worked very well, and nothing seemed forced about it.


  18. I love it. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  19. Spoken from the other gender-side, "ouch!"

    Well written, that also means to say. This was also a most interesting tale turned another way. And ditched for "man's best friend", how humbling indeed. Good whimsy as well pointy point. All clever throughout.

    Now there is only to stand outside the circle and see what's to be seen. Although I'll confess, I grew up without a wolf in my life so I've long rather understood the difference that doesn't matter but does to some. Well written and fresh and with a point to express. Thanks!

  20. love your version of it.
    you nailed it with a few lines.
    fabulous entry.
    Thanks for sharing.