Sunday, 4 July 2010

faceless yet concrete

I have missed the interaction-
the love that we share over the net
faceless to each other yet so concrete
I thought I would survive
yet there was this emptiness-
kind of a vacuum I never anticipated

now it seems I was away from home-
the place where I am myself,
my random musings tied in thread
unravelled only by creativity of others-
the ones, who understand the insanity
of unprocessed writings

here on this space I can speak my mind-
read yours too, none being judgemental


I have not been interacting with my fellow poets and/writers lately. It was more due to work, that is, census duty, which finished yesterday. After I submitted my reports, I feel so light. It was one huge work and I was in a lot of stress. I did like being a part of the exercise though.

I did post poems but restricted visiting others, due to time constraints. I have missed reading my fellow poets' works. My poem comes out of that. I have tried writing it line by line. Now that I am free, I will go back to commenting.


  1. I can relate to this, because I quit blogging about 4 years ago and am JUST returning to it myself. Expresses just what I'm feeling at this moment. :)

  2. Iknow exactly what you mean! This poetry community does feel like home and I miss it when I'm busy.

    You expressed it perfectly!

  3. I, too, have been absent from blogging for quite a while due to an illness that left me too weak to do ANYTHING. Welcome back to both of us!

  4. Blogging is a little like a home where minds settle together connecting with ideas! We are faceless and yet we found our identity here! An interesting piece of writing!