Thursday, 8 April 2010

waves of oceans in my glass

water from the glass seems to swirl
looking up from my work
I find it strange
waves fall over from the edge
I try to identify the source
oceans have entered into my home
why did they deviate
and come into my home
confined themselves into my glass
I saturate my brain by pouring it on my head

my coughing fit makes me forget you
believe me, a heaving chest is the best medicine
to let go of a lost love


Still having PC woes. Will get back to visiting you all as soon as I can.


  1. beautiful and heartfelt. Love the end.

    I think using come instead of came would work better.

  2. You're a very practical person
    Triptoes.There is always that surreal edge to your work,a suppressed laugh,which is very unique.Well done.

  3. Inundated with melancholy and resolve! Nice!

  4. This is beautiful -- love the imagery and the feel.

  5. Some situations require a distraction - any distraction...

  6. a glass of water over the head would distract me!

  7. stupendous fabrication ans unique presentation.....

  8. that's beautiful, what does it say about me, that I find this sorrow so magnificent

  9. heavy heart
    and heavy word
    each time I find
    it weighs on mind
    It’s presses down
    do turn it around

    It’s only just a stage
    gotta give it space
    start an empty page
    get back in the game
    but do it your way
    you don’t have to play so heavy

  10. Love the energy of these lines, especially...

    >> why did they deviate
    >> and come into my home
    >> confined themselves into my glass

  11. I could only think of an earthquake! But then a emotional upheaval is a bit like an earthquake isn't it.


  12. I like the idea of oceans in the room and in the glass. Emotions can inundate like that.

  13. The image of oceans confined to a glass suggests that water (tears) is crammed in there! But coughing breaks the melancholic sailing of those seas! Love that wry humour at the end!

  14. heaving chest will help forget? No...:)

    beautiful poem...:)

  15. Thank you for stopping by.

    I enjoyed this poem. How creative to make a poem about water and Sometimes it is hard to forget.

    Well done!

  16. Nothing quite like water over the head to bring thoughts to sobriety. Nice work!

  17. i really like the idea of gettin all wet over an aching heart!!!

  18. Love the title! Wow. And every line after that ...