Saturday, 31 October 2009

deathly adventure

it happened this way.
but you can hear Death's own gentle voice.
you do not turn to look at her.
I would not advise it.
if you do turn, she might smile at you.
her smile not a child's smile,
or a woman's smile.
she will tell your story,

"it happened this way-
I was on the road.
I could be anywhere.
does it matter which road?
it is small, cobbled and potholed;
it lead from one place to another
horses trot there,.
dogs mark their places;
so why not I?"

pausing, Death twirls her skirt.
sometimes she likes playing a mortal.
it amuses her.
you wait for her to continue
you barely ever notice the shift of time,
the clouds covering the Earth like canopy;
the sudden icy sting
on that bright sunny day

"It happens this way, always
I will blow over you,
watch the blood drip slowly
over your limbs
soaking your clothes
before I can no longer
watch your agony.
I will rip your heart
before I walk away with your soul."


  1. Another good "Halloween" post!

  2. A kick-ass stately radiance, this. Death do have a lush voice, don't she? Loved the Sometimes she likes playing a mortal line.

  3. happy Halloween:),...lovely post:)

  4. A perfect piece for tonight! Loved it - but then I always enjoy your poems!

  5. "Sudden icy sting...on that bright sunny day".....brilliant portrayal of the death that lurks around.Fine Poem.

  6. Wow! This is really great - especially on this shivery Halloween.

  7. "You barely ever notice the shift of time" yet she is surely waiting for us.

    Beautiful thought provoking piece.

  8. i like this portrayal of death!
    eerie, yet that perfect piece! :)

    good one! belated happy halloween! :)

  9. Ouch! This was a good scary post, and death as a woman, now that's truly scary.

    Join the fun at Acrostic Only!

  10. eerie rendition of the prompt but it's timely as it is Halloween!

    sudden death is a real shift in time, from life to death it is!

  11. Great post for Halloween. Vivid images too. We should not taunt the immortality of death. It comes when we least expect it.

  12. As I read the conclusion, I thought such deaths are not always physical. This is tantalizing.

  13. ooooooh, shiverd the woods I live in. Old Grizz crawled into his cave and will stay there all winter.

  14. This gave me the chills... what great description throughout. So many good lines (I see some of my faves already mentioned!).

  15. Wonderful! You made death so sinister and calculating...I loved this one.

  16. From the cauldron to the fire - wonderful!

  17. I was particularly drawn to the permanence of: It happens this way. Leaves no room for a question. Very penetrating!

  18. I like how you portrayed the randomness of it - death dancing through the streets and pointing a finger. this one, that one. Very dark.

  19. That last stanza jabbed me hard. Haunting writing.

  20. Death as the feminine . . . simply delightful. My first time here, but I'll be back.

    Miss D

  21. This certainly fits the Halloween time shift.

    Gave me bits of shivers reading it.

  22. original way to say that....!!

  23. BTW, I've been reading you regularly again and posting very often for poetry train and Sun. Scribblings. I miss your comments.

  24. me thinks this is a bit intense,
    it twas the last line that made me feel so.Perfect for Halloween and shift of time....

  25. Oh wow, this is intense.
    I hope finally for me it will be a gentle voice... ;)

  26. Oh Tami, this is really very powerful. A wonderful take on the prompt.


  27. lovely post!!

    i love all the halloween posts..

  28. Tami, you have a thriller here! Reading it I didn't think of Halloween but surely it fits.

    I liked the last verse, throughout the others I was thinking your writer would escape death. Now after the dripping and soul escaping all that will be left on the road is a little white cross.

    Sorry I am so late in coming. I celebrated my Birthday four days this weekend and only posted. Now I have the Dickens to catch up. I may not. My birthday running away adventure is being posted on my other blog.

  29. you barely notice the shift in time...

    I really enjoyed the portayal of Death as a woman, in her twirling skirts, beguiling, seductive, playful and very deadly.

    A great piece! Thank you

  30. Love the perfect harmony with hallpween!