Wednesday, 14 October 2009

commas and all

I am not learning anything
cooped up in that so-called school
those tomes of history books
frustrate me no end
cramming is not knowledge
I understand that very well
memory has never let me down
I can almost say it verbatim-
and if you so wish to hear
I can verbalise the commas too

"wouldn't you say that's indecent?"


  1. I'm not so sure about indecent. Great words though.

  2. The end is a fun play on the word. I think you did just fine.

  3. The ending is a fine turn of that particular word. It is refreshing to see a creative usage of these words. This qualifies.

    Well done.

  4. School did seem like mostly memorizing, didn't it?

    You're so good at putting humor into your poems.

  5. Verbalize the commas...that's got my brain wondering! I like it!

  6. Remembered good old days of history lessons and the cramming of essays on reforms done by so-and-so. But then i always liked to write pages and pages...looking back its amazing that i did all that.

    Verbalising punctuations..silently would be pretty good . A pause...a halt..well good thought.

  7. I like the energy of this. It reminds me of the complaints I heard from classmates as a kid. They were right, but wrong, too. You've captured the feel of it nicely.

  8. woot woot! that was my whistle ;)
    loved it!

  9. Oh my this brings back memories of schooltime! I still have this aversion to all things "historical" no thanks to the rote memorisation of dates & events & people, as opposed to actually understanding history. Bleah! :p

    Nice poem, btw :D

  10. ah!!! some feelings run through generations ;)

  11. 'cramming is not knowledge'

    I agree completely, yet there is so much cramming involved in getting an education, isn't there?

    A very well-written poem, great job!