Saturday, 28 March 2009

coloured walls

laying on the lumpy bed
my eyes pinpoint
markings on that wall
maroonish & poignantly purple
made by what?

I look askance at the roof
peeled, chipped paint
fall on my head
maybe my staring
needed to loosen the plaster

this room- I have lived
here for what seems
like aeons with no past-
future seems to be
a naught too

still who wants to leave it?
stinkiness is part of me
the same left by you
to torture me
torment my memories

I light a match;
throwing it under my bed
I lay down again watching
the walls melting to the smoke,
which engulfs me in no time

alongwith with me
everything turns to ashes
at last I managed to burn your
blood soaked clothes-
leaving behind no evidence.


  1. Oh my, this is too scary. Maybe he should have listen!

  2. One thing for sure...the evidence of it all burned to ashes.

    When I read this, all I could think was...WOW!

  3. Wow!!!!This is like a story spun into a brilliant poetry:)

  4. Gautami, would you believe that I can identify with this poem. I won't tell you how, but it seems ...
    It sure wasn't what I was expecting, you just got down and dark. But I am smiling, perhaps I'm a bit sadistic.
    Thank you.

  5. I'm getting ready to go to bed- this will be on my mind- maybe I shouldn't go to sleep! :)

  6. Wow. A dark, smokey farewell. Frightening to be so tormented by someone.

  7. "maybe my staring
    needed to loosen the plaster"

    I love this line! Very unusual!

    The whole poem is dark and wonderful!

  8. What a dark poem-- very surprising. It reminds me of the moving, The Burning Bed" a little. I really like the stanza about staring being able to loosen the plaster-- there is power in a look.

  9. The darkness seems suited with the situation described; a figurative and perhaps literal immolation of a love.

  10. immolation indeed!

    somethings are better as ashes.

    thank you, gautami

  11. As I read, I imagined the room as the container of a life in need of repair, a life filled with the debris of the past, the figurative lumpy bed that prevents us from sleeping at night no matter how comfy our real surroundings. Very powerful!

  12. This poem is full of passion. The pain one can inflict on other and the nature of release are astounding.

  13. A powerful poem and unusual theme for you - your talent for tackling various genres is amazing. This really packs a punch in the last verse.

  14. Dark, for sure. Imagery is well worded and vibrant. I like where you took this...

  15. Powerful, intense poem. Well done.

  16. I wasn't expecting that ending. This pem will stay with me.

  17. Wow- powerful poem- I did not expect the ending! The lines:
    "this room- I have lived
    here for what seems
    like aeons with no past-
    future seems to be
    a naught too" are so true- trapped within our self-made walls. Sometimes there seems no way out.

  18. ohhh, that was very, very good!!!... so many things come to mind... i cannot help but think of a movie something abt their love was so hot it caught the bed on fire... dynamite