Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Climb Through Altered Landscapes by Ian Parks

I read the following yesterday. I wish to share this with my blogger friends. I am cross-posting this from my Reading Room blog.

Title: A Climb Through Altered Landscapes

Author: Ian Parks
ISBN: 09552855739
Publisher: Blackwater Press/1998
Pages: 50

I got this book from Ms Alex of Daemonwolf Books. As I write poetry, I am always happy to receive poetry books.

Ian Parks' poetry touches many realms. The concrete as well the abstract. In the same poem you can find many layers. On a first read, most of his poems can be taken as love poems but not so. Those also make us glimpse nature, the seasonal changes. His love poems are in no way mushy but for me those are steeped in spirituality. I also see endless possibilities. He is one earnest poet. His writing reactivates the mind in multi-directions.

Quoting from his poems:

.......I'd left the wardrobe open:
in a queue behind the door
the stiffened shapes of our former lives
were waiting for the thaw......

~~~A Dream of Snow, page 11

Leaving wasn't easy
nor is this: the climb through altered landscapes,
different trees to find
each other as we really are.

~~~The Ridge, page 19

Afloat on a sea
of my own dreams, I was content
to let the pages fall while Sonny Boy was blowing
sweet and low. I woke
to a sunburst splintering
the trees: a rush of light.

~~~Hammock, page 17

Along with sense of loss, there is hope, beauty in that, regret and yet no regret. At places I found acceptance of that loss, after love was gone. Yet when it was there, nothing compared with that emotion.

For poetry lovers, readers as well as writers, Ian Parks' poetry is worth checking out. I am very glad I requested this particular book from all that she was offering to give away.

If interested, do check this interview with Ian Parks.


  1. I do love the flow of his words, and the multiple meanings behind them. Thanks for telling us about him!

  2. Thank you for sharing it here.

  3. Sounds like a poet worthy to check out.

  4. I will certainly be checking out his works.

  5. I really enjoyed the excerpt from a Dream of Snow (the first one) love dit so very much I may have to hunt this poet down! thank you for sharing that since often we need to be exposed to inspiring artists to stimulate our own creativity!

  6. Thanks for this! You know I'm going to check him out!

  7. Thank you for sharing this Tami. I like what you have chosen.

  8. Thanks for sharing his work. A nonfiction 3WW! A rarity.

  9. thank you for sharing this. I am not a poet but for me it is akin to beautiful music. I can enjoy it and feel it. I read poetry at times of solitude to be able to appreciate it so much more.

  10. ooh, those poems sounds lovely, I'm putting Park's book on my reading list

  11. Thanks for telling us about his poetry.

  12. Great poetry.. I like the factual lines -- altered we are.. so very true

  13. You have piqued my curiosity, I am definately going to check this poet out. Many thanks

  14. I like the excerpt from the "Ridge." Thanks for sharing this.