Thursday, 12 July 2007

Manacled-------Terza Rima----Poetry Thursday

Manacled-------Terza Rima

I refuse to extol that rationale to sell
foremost thoughts, erstwhile desire
half-truth world knows yet too well.

attenuate slight air, and faltering fire;
crawl back, cut short that demolition
of character which survives quagmire

of satire, that has caused destruction
of spirit, cultural values of inherent
magnitude in the surrounding action.

barrage of acidic comments are cast
almost uprooting my afore said decree
however, I pause, upholding steadfast

to my beliefs, I forge ahead, mind free
of confusion, breaking those shackles
clearing cobwebs, not giving to spree.

nothing should keep spirit in manacles
nurture it such it reaches the pinnacle.

At times one has to write for oneself. I think this is one of those moments.
It might not make much sense. Nevertheless, inner conversations are necessary.

PS: I need to get back to free verse...:D


  1. amazing thoughts well crafted!

  2. Dear Gautami,

    As one fellow yearner to another, I understand perfectly. The constant barrage of sights and sounds press upon our souls and force compliance. We need to nurture our inner voices as well.

  3. This speaks to me of the inner struggle of all writers, whether using their authentic voice or deliberately crafting another. Well done!

  4. "to my beliefs, I forge ahead, mind free" was my favorite line.

    It shines.

    (I'm being filtered from posting my PT offereing. Drat.)

  5. gosh, i've never been able to write structured are showing me how important it is to learn how. i know i will be learning a lot from you as i explore your poetry.

  6. Your dedication to your voice is evident...You voice must be heard, as your freedom is only the beginning...your words will bring freedom to others as well. Thank you for being true and honoring that thread of truth that runs through you.

  7. Hi Gautami! Right on and write on!! I love the fierce determination of spirit breaking free -- it is meant to be free to fly and soar. Your poem is absolutely beautiful! I was reminded of your lion, Leola, when I read this -- of her doing whatever it takes to protect her young (the word 'spirit' can be substituted for 'young' here). Great job.

  8. Very nice. I loved the line "cut short that demolition of character which survives quagmire of satire"

    Very evocative.

  9. Easy to follow, deep enough to cause new thoughts!

  10. Gautami -

    I feel the last two lines very effectively capture and sum the spirit of your piece... well done!

  11. I love your form poetry and the way you stretch my vocabulary. Keep nurturing that voice because we are listening. :)

  12. You have always had a wonderful insight, you excel again!

  13. Pretty deep stuff--some great lines,"...survives quagmire of satire." Every writer has to do this once in a while.

  14. gautami,
    I agree, we must talk to ourselves constantly in order to stay the course we've set for ourselves. It's too easy to become distracted.

  15. Definitely heavy thoughts -- an interesting use of form (almost ironic) given the content . . .

  16. Amen. I will follow you...right after I have a dip in the quagmire of satire. If I couldn't make fun of it all and expose the obvious inexactitudes of the grand scheme of things I would go absolutely crazy.

  17. We are all mancaled aren't we, Gautami? We try to get out of it with technology and philosophy...nothing seems to be working....

  18. very nice. brings to mind bitching or gossip and the self control not to take part in such nastiness

  19. writing for yourself is always the most important thing
    i enjoy your work whether you choose free verse or a specific form
    thank you

  20. Thanks for the visit and the wonderful poetry and writing. I especially loved Taciturnity. I will have to come back soon and read some more.

  21. your spirit soars from strength to strength and so does your poetry.

  22. I agree: 'nothing should keep spirit in manacles' , but it's rather difficult to join the Mothers of Invention; it's much more common to be reared by the Mothers of Convention!:)

  23. Ah, that was beautifully vivid. Thanks for sharing.