Friday, 20 July 2007

Fascinating Revulsion----Sunday Scribblings

This week Sunday Scribblings has gone Wicked.

Wicked does have many connotations. The meaning has changed over the years. Previously being wicked was taken for evil. It described the witches. Stepmothers were always wicked. Folk lore is full of wicked stuff.

What does it mean to me? We do feel wicked at point or the other. It might not manifest itself but it is there deep within out psych. Sometimes it makes us guilty as hell for thinking and feeling that way. However I feel as long as it is only in our thoughts and do not affect anyone other than us, it does no lasting damage.

We are familiar with that playful wickedness also. I love to be part of that. So many times I have been wickedly wicked. Playing pranks and getting on nerves. One is wicked without evil intentions, in a playful manner.

We have faced real wicked people too. You can actually feel that evil aura surrounding them. One gets an uneasy feeling and wants to get away from them. At times escaping that is very difficult, as one is pulled into that whirlpool of evil thoughts. We are assailed by such uneasy feelings, those unknown, unexplained fears that refuse to leave us. You cannot shake it away.

I post here a poem depicting one such person. ( At times, I cannot do without poetry!!)

Fascinating Revulsion

morbid thoughts assail me
with out fail when
i come into your
presence. your smiling
countenance belies
evil thoughts you
harbour. your deeds are
in variance of what one
contrives from your
visage. serene expression
hides a hideous mind.
that soft voice corrodes
deep before one can
escape that caustic
barb veiled in honey.
suspended between that
revulsion and fascination,
we are sucked into
that black hole of your
carefully concocted designs.

...not any more, i escaped...


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Reading Update: Posted review for Man's Search For Meaning on my Reading Room blog. This book should be read by everyone. ..yes everyone.


  1. Love it, Gautami. One never knows what lurks behind the facade that others put up.

    Scary stuff...beautifully reflected as always.

    Michele says hi, BTW. I love that she sends me your way so often!

  2. I like the word 'wicked', it has always sounded so wonderfully evil....I always wanted to be wicked....

    Following Carmi here from Michele, Gautami


  3. So true my friend, so true. It is perfectly all right to avoid those in our lives that are wicked, in the evil sense.



  4. Well put - I'd argue the bit about it beig OK as long as it stays in our thoughts, though. Thoughts breed! And in my experience, bad (or wicked!) ones fester and torment the thinker...
    Just another way of looking at it! Love your blog, Michele sent me today but I'll be back :)

  5. Very interesting poem and thoughts.

    I do think you can sense an evil aurora in some people and yes I find that very scary.

    Teasing and playful mischief is just part of family living and laughter with friend.

    Michele sent me.

  6. this gives me uncomfortable shivers! good job.

  7. I don't think the word "wicked" has quite the same connotations as "evil" any more - it does seem to belong more to folklore and fantasy. Your poem seems to capture the essence of the person. Michele sent me today.

  8. Oh Gautami!
    This is one of your best. Isn't being wicked fun? When it's good of course. I was a little bit wicked yesterday, but I don't think it'll be the end of the world.

    I KNOW that guy you wrote the poem about! I dated him.
    Thank GOD I walked away mostly in one piece.

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  9. Wow...I was tempted say that was "wicked good" as they say in New England USA!

  10. ha ha ha ha (playfully wicked laugh)
    nice one
    thank you

  11. Excellent piece! Glad you escaped... just keep going, don't look back.

  12. Gautami

    I always enjoy your work and reading this post, especially your poem, has been the highlight so far. I absolutely love it. To me, it speaks in volumes and in so few words says so much.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  13. Very powerful...its hard to potray such wickdness and you molded everything so perfectly right


  14. Wonderful poem, Guatami. Wicked is such a good word, as it conveys so much!

  15. gautami,
    I loved your poem...evil usually disguises itself, and often we find out too late to escape. Good that you were able to!
    Wicked as in mischieveus, now that's a different story. ;-)

  16. Excellent poem! We all know someone like the subject of wickedness here.

  17. Your words zero in perfectly on someone I once knew. I, too, escaped. Good poem!!

  18. the double sides of wicked! Good poem and also insights into the changing meaning of the word.

  19. i can certainly relate. you've read my poem from a week ago about my encounter with the evil man in the parking lot. really good poem too.

  20. I think we all have come across these kind of people... an excellent poem, Gautami- just the right sense of "wickedness"...

  21. What a great poem. The most wicked among us are usually the ones in the suit and tie, with the slicked back hair and clean shave. The least suspecting among us, with the perfect teeth and the effortless smile always trying to sell us a bill of goods we have no use for.

  22. wickedly wicked playing pranks is the best wicked and the one that came to my mind too. great poem.. Wicked witch of the west popped right into my head!

  23. the smiling face that hides bad intentions, very wicked.

    Strange how the word has so many connotations...

  24. Gautami, your poem gave me the shivers.... (which means I loved it!!)


  25. i, too, once knew a man like that...
    well done again!

  26. Hi Gautami! I love how you said you have been "wickedly wicked" -- that sounds fun and mischievous. Your poem is great -- it really evokes a sense of someone who is terrifying and wickeder (is that a word?) than the worst horror movies. I am so glad you escaped!! I, too, have encountered a few wicked people like that in my life personally. And there are definitely plenty in the world today. I really liked what you wrote about 'wicked'. I hope you're having a great weekend!

  27. I love poetry added to my Sunday's. I've never met evil that I know of and I hope I never do. Negative and selfish I see alot.

    I like that you're a prankster. lol

  28. hey i like the word wicked!
    hope u r well.
    miss visiting you

  29. In the 80s if something was great it was TOTALLY WICKED!
    Most people don't seem to have a very good sense of Evil...prolly because of the banality of pure evil. It is so close to a natural state of being.

    Let's face it behind this thin veneer is a monstrous apeman who once killed others at the flick of a primordial switch. After a few hundred thousand years we have added a lot of governors on our grey matter to stop our natural behavior. How ghastly!

    I am very glad that you escaped.

  30. I know how it is to be fascinated with someone evil...years later...I still find myself thinking of him.

    But staying away is the only option.

  31. glad that u can see thru the disguise.

    nice work, gautami !:)

  32. well said. you have reminded me of the deceit that can lie beneath the surface. i'm learning that if we tune into ourselves and really learn to look and listen, we can discover the evil before it takes us down.

    thanks for the thoughtful post!

  33. What a wicked post... Oh so late, but still a good read...

    Here from Michele's this evening...

  34. Hi Gautami. Does it make sense if I remark that this was a "good" topic? As always, I enjoyed the post and your poem.

    Here's a quick "train of thought" submission on today's theme:



    I too am often wicked
    Finding myself wanting
    To tell others where they can stick it

    And so I strive for redemption
    While shunning attention
    Good in this immoral thicket


    It's good to be back, my friend.

  35. it sounds like a very real nightmare

  36. My desires of good luck Mrs. Pratibha Patil to govern the great Indina Nation.
    Good luck

  37. i loved looking at how wicked is in the eyes of sunday scribbler beholders. :)

  38. Yes, wicked people try to lure you, try to tempt you ... bring you to their level. Thoughts can be just as much damaging as deeds.
    How does one become evil? FEAR! Letting go, and looking at it all from a different angle will free you.

  39. Incredible poetry Gautami, that contrived person can be scariest. I loved the ending…. “Not anymore” great boundary! We’ve all managed to be sucked in one time or another by a person’s hidden agenda! Well done!
    Hugs Sherrie

  40. great poem gautami.....

    the aura felt around wicked is chilling...

  41. I found your comments well worthwhile. G. K Chesterton wrote: "Fairy Tales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be defeated." I wonder though if harmless toying with dragons is totally exempt from being snared by real evil.

  42. Gautami,

    This is my favorite so far.

    "your smiling
    countenance belies
    evil thoughts you

    Well said and so wise.

  43. I like the mischievious aspect my so reminds me of me with my family...

    So glad you escaped evil in your life. You deserve the goodness that you so graciously give!

    BTW...most of my scribblings are on my Creative Faery blog..I'll get better at the treehouse!

  44. I like how you return to your favorite medium with courage. Poetry of course. ;-)

    BTW, I noticed that your name shows up on the Sunday Scribblings "List", but I cannot get mine to do that. Is there some special trick to this?

  45. "So many times I have been wickedly wicked. Playing pranks and getting on nerves. One is wicked without evil intentions, in a playful manner." . . .I really enjoyed this slant on wicked. And your poem made the hair stand up on my neck.

  46. Powerful words. I'm happy that you got away from that wicked person. You are so right when you say you can feel evil when you pass by. I feel sorry for people who don't heed their intuition, or whatever you want to call it, because they are the ones who will always be hurt.

    Thanks for getting me thinking.