Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Another one bites the dust...

I had thought not to write anything for valentine's day but I too fell for it:

please, will you be my valentine,
we will go dancing and then dine?
"after last times' promises
i ended up doing the dishes,
no thank you, you bloody swine!"


  1. Oh yes, a happy Valentine's Day for you!

  2. I love it!!!! Ha ha ha ha! I gotta try a limerick now... thanks!

  3. guess i'll tear up the card now then :)

  4. you know goutami...SOMEONE gotta do the dishes...no escaping....

  5. Ha! happy valentines to you, too. :)

  6. LOL!

    Happy V-day anyways baby HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


  7. LoL ...

    Happy Valentines DAy

    a >-----<---<@ for you

  8. I am sending you big red heart plates!

    lol with your limerick!

  9. Thanks to you all! Wish the same.

    Ghosty, you do the dishes!!

  10. I love it! :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Ha Ha, that was wonderful, Gautami, good on you! :)

    All that aside, tho', hope you have a very happy valentine's day!

    Much love to you my sweetest friend!

  12. where is my comment now gblooggler?

    Ok I said:
    I feel like I am on an LSD trip listening to the poet and hearing the Scorpions!
    Guten Tag Scorpions!!
    I never figured you for a metalhead G! Who knew?

    Listen you need some girl power music! Forget the dishes you put your foot down and sing with Beyonce.

    "You muss not know 'bout me
    You muss not know 'bout me.

    I could have another you in a minute..

    to the left to the left mmmm
    to the left to the left mmm"

  13. I hope your Valentine Day is happier than the poem that's got bite!

  14. Do the dishes????
    WHAT? Again.........
    Geeeeeeeeez ya a hard woman.

    Hey! Eat ya vegies......

  15. homo escapeons: Don't go by my looks or poetry. I am rock music fanatic...die hard one at that.

    Beyonce can go take a hike for all I care!

    And no one calls me G, GT, GST 5&^**^%$##

  16. Do you have any idea how irresistable it is to abbreviate your name now because of your stern reply...
    you have stirred my inner class clown and he is biting his tongue...
    ((must resist...must save others))

    Ok if I didn't luv ya to bits I would unleash my inner brat but your wish is my command..
    and let us never speak of this unpleasantness again.

  17. What unpleasantness? Was there any? I got amnesia!

  18. Very funny! A terrific counterpoint to all the gushiness this week. :-)