Friday, 8 September 2006

Yet another set of serial blasts in Mumbai

Yesterday in Malegaon, Mumbai, there were serial blasts which took place sometime during the Friday Prayers of the muslims. As of last count 37 were killed and 100 injured , most of those being children.

There was utter chaos and people just ran hither and thither unmindful of the dead. Uncaring if they stepped on anyone. They just ran for their lives.Maybe we have indeed become insensitive. Now we do not even give a little thoughts for others.

Intelligence bureau had predicted something like this was going to happen. And it did. Despite the alert, there were no police force to speak of. New bicycles were used for the blast. No one knows why/how/where/when.

I only ask what do the terrorists get out of attacking innocent people? Will they ever stop? Why doesn't our govt come heavy on the hardliners? How many innocents get killed before our govt wakes up?
I feel so sad for the random acts of violence. There is a hype for days and then its all calm until the next time.

This time the attacks were in an area full of working class population. Most of the deads were poor and destitute who had come for alms.

What God tells us to maim and kill? What religion teaches this? What have the innocents done to deserve this? The day we are able to answer these questions, we might find peace, both within ourselves and the world.

Will that happen? Who knows....Does any of the power that are, care?


  1. I totally agree. Have expressed views on similar lines on 7/11 and 9/11. What horrors and abominations can people commit in the name of God?

  2. Yes Monideepa. See the mess all the world over in the name of religion. If this is how it is then I would rather be non-religious...