Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Vacillations of the mind

Should we consider idealism dead

just because materialism has taken over?

Should humanism capitulate

to ruthless humanity?

Should love cease to exist

as hatred destroys love?

Must gentleness give way to hardness

as it’s too hard to care?

Does ugliness replace beauty

as ugliness fast expands?

Must life end in death

just because death exists?

Answering one/all in affirmation

speaks out loud and clear!

Where justice is controlled by injustice,

Hence thereby suicide is justified.

Protesting against evil, injustice,

inhumanity, godlessness.

Appealing for life,

our despair crying out loud.

For the very existence of life

Where do we go from here?



  1. We keep on keepin' on.
    Those of us who acknowledge the existence of others will continue to share our thoughts and feelings and the others will stay out of our way and do whatever it is that they do.

    I love how you started out with the isms....I have always enjoyed isms.
    It is frustrating that so many humans don't try to understand Life on Earth.

    Some folks walk right past the garden,
    some people stop and smell the flowers,
    some even pick a few to bring home,
    some idiots trample right through them
    and some people dig so deep that they go right past the roots and miss the whole thing.

    But you my friend are ROOTED and growing and looking at everything all around you...

    and I am ROOTING for you.

  2. Hi, I tracked you back from HE's site. Girl, you are HOT! hehe.......just my sick way of saying hello and welcome to our dispicible discourses, our manic methodologies, and our irrelavent humor. Oh, and I apologize ahead of time for being American. I used to be proud of it.

  3. homo escapeons: Suddenly I looked around and observed a very cynical world.

    Yes, there isn't anything good happening but do we need to be so bleak and pessimistic? I thought not.

    Despite my muse seemingly dried up, I had to put my thoughts.

    After struggling with the first few lines, rest followed easy.

    One of my esteemed friend thinks I shouldn't have mentioned the suicide bit. But it does fit in.

    Thanks for saying I am ROOTED. I have always been despite my scattered, volatile personality. This blog has given me direction where I have met such good people like you.

    The Michael: Thanks. I will visit your discourses. And critique too.
    Hey, why apologise for being an American? I know a lot of Americans. AND I ONLY HATE GEORGE BUSH!

  4. Gautami, I don't have much time today, but yeay, the muse is back! Just a quick appreciation of your writing style here - I love how you employed "opposites" to make your point, I think it works very well, after all, one appreciates light only after one has seen the dark, right?

    That was a wonderful and insightful piece!

    Also want to say that I've enjoyed the comments to the post.

    More later!