Wednesday, 27 September 2006

What is poetry?©

what is poetry?
a few have asked.
i don’t blame them
they know not.
rhyme and rhythm
is that all?
no my dears,
it’s not!

i write what I see
i write what I feel
i write about love
i write about hate
i write about incest
i write about rape
i write about idealism
i write about materialism

shorter verses
i love to write.
only way I can get
the message across.
scoring points
I think not.
Even if I was
why should it matter?

prose can be poetry,
poetry can be prose.
it is up to you
how you behold.
will go on writing
all that I can.
nothing will stop me
not even you.


I wrote this defence of poetry. Someone criticised poetry which does not rhyme or has rhythm. For him it's not poetry. You can read his article here if you want.

He criticised certain networks too. As I do not agree and all of us can't be Keats, Burns, Brownings....this is my instant answer which I posted here.


  1. Poetry is you. It doesn't have to follow any rules. Now, if you want other people to think of your writing as poetic, you might want to throw a few in with each poem. Anyone who says poetry isn't poetry that doesn't have rhythm or rhyme, doesn't have a clue what they're talking about. Enough of my rant, this is your blog. Enjoyed your poem very much!!

  2. Your poem about poetry is great!
    I write a lot of poetry... and it does not always rhyme... nor do I think it should!
    Keep on writing your wonderful poetry!
    Take care!

  3. Beautiful! Hope you are poetically well Gautami.

  4. it really is wherever you find beauty, pain or something you can or cannot realte to.

  5. Nice poem.

    Rhythm's pretty important in poetry. A sense of pattern, of order. It's what we try and do with words.

    Rhyme's far less important. Few of the great poets used rhyme. There aren't too many rhymes in Paradise Lost for example.

    Changing the subject slightly -
    Why would you want to win against yourself?

  6. Poetry is what happens when you speak from the heart. Rhyme is what happens when you toe the line.

  7. Thanks for linking me!
    So glad you like my poetry!
    Take care!


  8. Poetry is something that lives until one starts analyzing it. Then it becomes a corpse on a slab.