Monday, 4 September 2006

Praise where it is due

Most of the time we curse and crib about how the govt organisations work. We only have complaints about them. How they turn up late. And when they do, they are never there on their seats.

Today I have something good to say. I took a leave from school. My passport is up for renewal. I reached the regional passport office well before time. Most of times, there is a long queue. But now they have decentralised it. There is one in East Delhi near my place. It opens at 9 am but I was there at 8.30 am. I could see only two others waiting. We compared notes. Asking each other whatever queries we had. Now I saw one of the officials turning up around 8.35 am, others following soon enough. They were in their seats in no time. Each form takes around 20-30 minutes to scrutinise. I got a bank draft made and submitted my form. As I was the only female, the other two before me let me submit my form first despite my protests. The girl who was scrutinising the applications was very cordial and helpful. She stamped my old passport, cancelling it, and returning it to me. At the next window, I got a receipt for the submission of my form. I was back home before 10 am. I had been thinking it will take all day long before I started.

The point is I met people in a govt organisation who started their work well before time and those who still are chivalrous towards a female.

It kind of restored my faith in humanity which had taken a beating recently.


  1. Isn't it a a wonderful feeling
    to have one's faith in humanity


  2. To be impressed by the bureaucratic world is as rare as catching unicorns! You should have bought a lottery ticket on the way home!
    Somehow the world keeps turning. We need to find a way to reward individuals who make things happen...and say Thank You.

  3. Believe me it was a wonderful feeling, Margie!

    I did treat myself, donn.And I am telling everyone about those great people I met. This is one dept which works even during weekends if it wants to protest...