Monday, 1 August 2005

The Big Bad Wolf

Re-telling the story of “The little Red Riding Hood” with the big bad wolf as its central character! A very simplistic tale for children.


The wolf had been ill for a week now and in bed. Maybe the hare did not agree with his constitution. It had been old and too hard. He had ignored that and went right on eating it gluttonously! And ended up with upset stomach. And fever!

Now he was hungry but too tired to hunt. So he slowly got up and walked out of his cave to the nearest path. This path was taken by kids who were easy enough to prey upon! As a rule he never hunted on them but today he was too worn-out to care. The wolf sat down hiding behind a bush. After a never-ending wait, he saw a willowing red thing coming towards him. As it came closer, he found that it was a little girl. She looked very chubby. Juicy and succulent. His mouth watered at the very thought. He wanted to pounce but noticed a woodcutter looking his way. Patience, he chided himself. He retreated and took another path following the girl.

“What’s your name, little girl?” He said.

“Little Red Riding Hood.” She said.

“Where are you going?”

“To my grandma’s place who is not well. I am taking her these goodies.”

“Where does she live?”

“In a cottage along this path.”

Now the wolf had a brain wave, (wolves are clever creatures). Why not eat her grandma as well.

“Why don’t you take her a bouquet of wild flowers? She will be very happy to receive those.”

She had forgotten, that her mother had told her not to talk to strangers and not to stop anywhere in between. She went deeper into the woods for wild flowers. So while she was busy collecting flowers, the wolf ran down the path and reached the cottage. He liked what he saw. A very pretty cottage in the middle of a small garden. It was surrounded by tall trees. And flowers were blooming all around. There was a well in one corner. An ideal place to live!

“I will live here right from today. I am sick and tired of that dark, smelly cave of mine.” He thought.” Little did he realize, as soon as he started living here, it would stink too!

He knocked at the door and entered it. Saw the old lady sleeping peacefully. Jumped on her and before she could react, gobbled her up. She was all skin and bones. But it was a respite from that great hunger! Anyway he was going to be rewarded with fresh and luscious flesh of that young girl!

But before that he needed to gear up. He looked around; saw a pretty robe hanging on a peg. He put that on. And lay down on the old lady’s bed. He pulled the covers till his neck and put on a cap too. Thus prepared, he kept on waiting for Little Red Riding Hood.
She came and finding the door open, entered it. Without making a noise, she found a vase for the bouquet of wild flowers. And set the table with the goodies her mother had sent.
The wolf was watching her all the while with half closed eyes. She tiptoed near him. He opened his eyes.

She almost jumped and said “Grandma, your eyes are bigger, and ears too.”

“To see and hear you better, dear,” the wolf said in her grandma’s voice. He could mimic any one in the world! A very useful talent.

“And you teeth are sharp.”

“To eat you better.” Saying this, he jumped on her and in no time he finished her up.

But he had been ill for so long and tired too, he fell asleep.

Now the woodcutter had smelled something fishy and followed the wolf. Extremely late, if I may say so…he had to fight a tiger on the way!!

The woodcutter entered the cottage and found the wolf sleeping and heard lots of noises coming from its so very bloated stomach! He cut it open with his axe, pulled out the girl and her grandma. They were all right but shaken. Through all this, the wolf was deep in slumber land. Little Red Riding Hood filled his stomach with stones and her grandma sewed it up very carefully. They left him there and started off for Red Riding Hood’s place!

The wolf woke up after a long time. He was thirsty. He got up from the bed, wondering why he felt so heavy. He staggered towards the well in the corner of the garden. Put the bucket into it. And saw his stomach sewed up and everything was crystal clear to him. Before he could react, he lost his balance and fell into the well……….

“Why am I being punished? Doesn’t a self respecting hungry wolf deserve any food?” Those were his last thoughts………



  1. Hi, nice story...but its only a fable. In reality, all the wolves are having a great feast.. the powerful dumps the weaker ones and the more poweful dumps the poweful beasts.. either we have to be away from these beasts or we should be ready for the fight...this is the cruel reality now..fed up with this...

  2. Yes, it is only a fable. And wolves all over the world are having a ball! But we still need to fight those beasts.........and flay them!!!