Thursday, 18 August 2005

Even though.....sad thought....

We crib about bad roads
We crib about long power cuts
We crib about water shortage
We crib about dirt and squalor
We crib about safety of our women
We crib about child labour

Even though……..

We spit on the roads
We tamper with the electric meters
We let the water overflow
We throw garbage out of the window
We molest our daughters
We abuse our children

Given half a chance
We will steal, rob and pilfer
So why blame the nation for
Our misdeeds and misdemeanors!


  1. true words...we as indians hold the collective responsibility for whatever happens in our country. good or bad..we need an awakening.. a social will not solve these issues...

  2. And even in the metro,(that too Delhi, the capital of India), it happens to be true.

    Speaking about the school I teach, if one has to deal with issues that we have to do day by day basis, it is utter despair.

    On mundane issues, we do not have fans or bulbs. And if we do have those, there is no electricity. There is always shortage of water. Sometimes there are no blackboards and no chalks. In one classroom, there are around 60-65 students. Imagine their plight in this heat with no fans and water.

    Worse, some of these girls are abused by their own family members!

    It was one of those days........I wrote this poem!

    I could not see light at the end of the tunnel. Can you really blame me?

  3. Education does solve the issue...Its the only key. What do you think are the problems faced by the country? Ignorance...and thats caused by illetracy...which in turn leads to over population, corruption..the list is endless.

    So education is the key...which will improve the mindset of the masses, controls population growth and it will and should do wonders.


  4. Education alone will not solve all these issues.. those who are most corrupt in our country are the IAS officers.. they r the most educated people around. People who disobey traffic rules are educated people. People who evade income tax for the government are all educated people. Education is only the starting point for the change. But its the mindset of the people that should change. Its the collective change.

  5. By education I dont mean the text books and a degree...its not possible for every indian to become an IAS officer or an engineer. Education I referred to was bringing light into the thinking of the people. Well, in my view education of that type is kind of an enlightenment in the thought process.

    Regarding evading of income tax there is something called an integrity of the soul, and be it an america or a brit or an indian, its the same for everyone. So as long as you dont have the integrity in your thought process, wherever you are, you will bring yourself and the place down.


  6. Regarding integrity, I can see people paying their taxes correctly in U.S and evading the tax back home...

  7. Great!

    IT is good to see my post has made you guys think!

    But why is that when we are out of India, we start loving it?