Thursday, 11 August 2005

Signal of Anguish.......SALVADOR DALI

Liked this. I am simply fascinated by the surrealistic work of Dali. He was one of his kind. His earlier works are much better than the later ones! This one was painted in 1935! Truly anguished!


  1. U r surprising me with every new post..a maths teacher fascinated in arts and poetry...though its not very unusual but the depth of ur interests fascinates me daily..u r pulling a rabbit out of the hat it true that only intellectuals understand surrealistic work, either poetry or art?

  2. Thanks. Maths is my mind. And arts and poetry are my soul foods! Cannot do without either! I cannot speak for others, but my intellectuality helps me understand arts and poetry!

  3. I like that confident lines "my intellectuality helps me understand arts and poetry!"... that must be the words of a confident intellectual.