Friday, 26 August 2005

My Obituary

Gautami S Tripathy, Educator, passed away at her residence in Delhi, in the wee hours of 26th August 2005.

Right after her bachelor of education, she had joined the teaching fraternity. She enjoyed teaching and more so loved her pupils. She had a good rapport with her students. She was creative with innovative ways of teaching Mathematics and Sciences. She could teach them the various formulae by correlating those with nursery Rhymes or more popular songs of the prevailing times.

She did a lot of philanthropic work too. She was attached to various NGOs, which dealt with problems of child abuse. She always stood for the rights of the children. She set up street dramas for the awareness of the masses.

She had varied interests. She dabbled in painting. Mostly charcoal sketching and cartoon characters. She had at times tried her hands at oils too. She was a great admirer of grand masters like Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Botticelli and Salvador Dali. For the last few months, she was trying her hands at Surrealistic Painting.

She had written/published a few books on mathematics. She was also into writing poetry and other genres of the written word. She was yet to publish any of her works in this regard.

She had a massive collection of books (8000+). And an enormous collection of music cassettes/ CDs (5000+). She has left all this to a local library.

She had lead a simple enough life. She had fairly achieved what she had wanted to do, in this short span of life. But had one regret of not having being able to do much for those street kids who are abused by all and sundry.

She is survived by her mother, three brothers, nephews, nieces and her dearest pupils whom she had taught all these 14 years.

May her soul rest in peace!


  1. awesome :)

    I had always wanted to write my own obituary...coz that way I can say good things about myself. Moreover people tend to listen when they think you are dying instead of waiting for their turn to talk.

  2. :)

    Yes, writing one's own obituary is catharsis!

    Though I did leave out quite a bit!



  3. I thought u had quit ur job as educator... is tht wht u were trying to say? i dont think death should bother us, death cannot touch as when we are alive.. when it touches u, u r no more alive to be bothered..but somehow I am sad by reading ur obituary..

  4. Oh, I wrote this for a writing exercise. It is fun writing ones own obituary. Levels us to the ground!

  5. Thats what I call blowing your own trumpet!

  6. No wonder you are known as peeved!!
    Whats wrong with blowing ones own trumpet?

  7. That's a sweet one.

    You could have made the date as 2050. :))

    Keep writing.

  8. OH, I do not want to live that long.....:)

  9. It was a tough exercise, believe me!