Wednesday, 29 December 2010

singing soprano

crumbs of bread on that table
wedge of a mango falling out 
of that pickled jar
I evade the chaos
unbuckle my gloves
and sit down to make a list
leaky tap reminds me of Mozart song
that list  I make goes like this..
I need a few sopranos
some notes to go with it
maybe that opera singer too
Bach will not do,
Beethoven is not what I wish for
I only need music
loud, noisy, nonsensical
that will clear the chaos you see here


  1. Beautifully lyrical. I really loved reading Singing Soprano.

  2. "... clear the chaos you see here"... music does this for many. Silence, meditation, gardening, writing do it for me. Funny how we all seek similar ends through varying means.

  3. yeah i can very well relate how loud music can clear up the chaos...
    beautiful write

  4. Music is certainly good at clearing chaos. Nice one.

  5. ... music soothes the troubled soul. Nicely written.

  6. Nice one. Enjoyed it!! And music does clear the chaos...I loved studying with music on when I was in school years ago. :)

  7. love the use of yr magpie photo.. telling a story with gloves and music nice blend

  8. I could tap dance to this the beat..snap!

  9. Wow! With NYE celebrations round the corner..that's the kind of music which will play..loud , noisy, nonsensical..

    Have a great time in the New Year.. may you cross newer frontiers of imagination and creativity...

  10. nice take..add a warm cup of whatever and I'll join you.

  11. Nice take on the gloves Magpie Gayatri.

  12. Sorry about that Gautami. I knew I had made a mistake and came back to find your reply prompto. My niece Gayatri sent me a SMS on my cell in the middle of my comment and I faltered...

  13. it really...the whole piece had me..great ending too....Have a Wonderful New Year...bkm

  14. Out of chaos comes music.
    Well done.

  15. Gautami, here I sit in the frozen north of the US and all I can think of is when I lived in Puerto Rico and could have ripe mango whenever I wanted.

    OK, as to your writing, so rich, as always. I love your style, your heart, the music that plays within.

    Peace, Amy

  16. G,

    I love your consistent economy. In this poem, undoing the gloves causes the lack of discipline in writing the list.

    Good one.


  17. I could see you sitting amidst the chaos choosing the things for your list. Nice Magpie :)

  18. I need some of that music, too!

  19. I came!
    I saw!
    I read and was impressed!

  20. I like the mango falling out of the jar...such a lovely image.

  21. Music helps when clearing chaos! LOL

  22. I like this one too. Happy New Year, Gautami. Keep up the good work.

    Rick Mobbs