Sunday, 19 December 2010


writing dead man's poetry
I think of the alive too
when spirits dance-

ghosts bridge it
I see those shadows
so Santa, help me plaster myself 
on a wall forever


  1. I like the idea of your being a fresco. I could fancy being one myself, come to think of it - a lifetime of studying other peoples' faces, as they came to see the mural!

  2. Well I think I'd like the idea if I could be 3 dimensional persiodically
    flat has its limitations

    Nice micro Fiction

    Best to you

  3. What an interesting perspective being preserved forever young...frozen in one moment in time,, love your thoughts...


  4. Oooo. Deep thoughts for a Sunday 160. Thanks for playing along.

  5. love your word choice,
    stunning imagery.

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  7. hmm...i dont need to be here forever that bad...a couple more years might not be bad...smiles.

  8. I believe shadows see things in a very different light...
    This poem opened a plethora of thoughts in my mind.. the most beautiful I have ever read by you (IMHO)!

  9. Have a great time Gautami and Good Wishes for a bright New Year!!

  10. Amazing power in that word "plaster"! A dramatic piece!

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