Sunday, 23 May 2010

a tale which doesn't have a happy ending

glistening dew on grass
remind me of beady eyes
of that dragon
whom I befriended
in my nocturnal forays
unafraid of his hissing
I had touched him softly
and felt him crumbling to my touch
he reciprocated
his talons so sharp and scary
but I remained unscathed

after the world slept
we roamed the forbidden lands
hidden skys, tunnelled earth
before the first light of sun,
he used to hide, I never knew where
one night I found his hide
cut into million of pieces
blood all over, nothing else left
now I roam the obsolete underworld
between dead and undead

"why shed a tear for me?
I won't see it or feel it"


  1. Still why not? How touching, Gautami..

  2. A really sad story. Sometimes happy endings are elusive.

  3. But who's to say the tale has ended

  4. from each drop shall I come out of the corner of your eye. Went for a less nature driven image this time round. My Haiku

  5. That left me strangely sad.

    And sadly strange.

  6. I got the feeling this dragon wasn't really a friend. It reminded me of Elisha's take on the prompt. Was that what you meant?

  7. Does the narrator feel guilty for drawing out the one who was so defensive, exposing the dragon vulnerability and leading to his demise?

  8. Gautami,

    Very touching. You may not feel or see the tear shed but if heart is moved tear will fall. Hope this is just imagination.

    Take care

  9. Ah, very sad. I'm sorry for the loss of your companion. Thanks for visiting my site, Gautami...

  10. Hmm...I like what Sage said.

  11. There is so much more to read in this than at first glance. There are some sad truths embedded in this work.

    The tears we shed are for ourselves not for the one who has gone.


  12. ... but really it doesn't have an UNhappy ending either.

    Endings perhaps only exist because of the limits of our perception.

    A thought-provoking tale, tail and talon.

  13. "now I roam the obsolete underworld
    between dead and undead"

    Time takes care.

    Very touching.

  14. love the image of dew as beady eyes - brilliant!


  15. This did not end happily did it? How sad that someone would do that to a companion and friend.

    And then to be left not dead or undead.

    Well done.