Thursday, 4 February 2010

odor of memories make me lurch towards you, my friend

after almost three decades
you have drifted away
you didn't look back
my cards sent back unopened
emails discarded
when I see you online
and connect with you
you turn away
switch off mentally from me
my thoughts frantic
I still try to be in touch

"odor of memories make me lurch towards you,
you, a friend I made in my first day of college-
don't let the show get in the way of life"


This is about one of my closest friend of 27 years, who for no apparent reason refuses to acknowledge her old friends, me included. She might have her reasons. And we would understand those reasons if only she shared with us. I truly wish her well in whatever she does, wherever she is.


  1. Strange how that happens. Sure makes one wonder what changed and where. Well told.

  2. Sorry your friend has distanced himself/herself. Good read, I enjoyed your take on this estranged feeling.

  3. I think most of us, if we've lived long enough, have shared these feelings. Great painting with words. Thanks.

  4. I think you've captured the angst of the situation, the questioning, so very well.

  5. meeting again
    after all these years . . .
    the silence

  6. Full Well I Know (for knowledgeable I Be) that on Blogs of Poesy the Prevailing Custom is to leave only such comments as "Love it!" and "Wonderful!" Indeed, it is such a Steadfast Rule that I know not how one perfects one's Poesy with such "feedback."

    As a Manly Man of Candor and Intrepid Bravery e'en when mine lower lip quivers quite a lot, I honestly feel and must State that personally I find your use of "lurch" in this context quite silly.

    If "lurch," then why not "stagger" or perchance "stumble forward in a clumsy and spasmodic manner?"

    As to the rest of you fawning Commenters on this thread - Lackeys All, Emblems of s Corrupt and Benighted Age - a Fig Upon Thy Heads!

    In Manliness and Truth

    Sir Percy Bisque Silley (Knighted)

  7. sad how we seem to lose touch with people we wish we could keep in our lives...then there is Percy.

  8. I've experienced described it very well. Great read!

  9. I've been there with friendships, you captured the sadness really well.

  10. That was a lovely piece! It is sad when that happens...

    whatever reason, it is still hard when it happens. sometimes could be just life going on;

    I hv sort of been there... feel for you

  11. Everybody is allowed to come and to go, I think. But she has got this special sort of responsibility in her baggage ...

    Interesting feature about lurching, anyway.

    Best wishes

  12. Oh my. I'm so sorry, Gautami.

    Your words, as usual, have a raw honesty and emotion to them.

  13. It's always sad when someone you care about suddenly estranges you. I suppose that all one can do is wait it out till they're ready to talk. Anyway, all that inspired this lovely poem. So that's a faint silver lining.