Saturday, 6 February 2010

cryptic messages

cryptic messages
I find in my inbox
turn those around

heightened sensations
do me in, night sounds
pale in comparison

slowly my toes curl,
thoughts unfurl, I give
myself to imagination

"all this from mere words, turning a phrase here and there"


  1. Imagination is a powerful gift. We should use it as you have as often as possible. It colors our lives.

  2. Our imagination is there to alert and create us! Very much a two-faced persona! Beautiful poem!

  3. I love the way you use internal rhymes like curl amd furl. Beautiful poem.

  4. Immagination is our most important tool. You certainly have been blessed with more than your fair share!!

  5. long night
    I wake to the embrace
    of the blanket

  6. Odd, I tried to post here and I got sent to my blog. Odd. What I said was...

    beautiful. Makes me pause and wonder how many cryptic messages I take at face value. simply because I don't like to play "the cryptic message game"

    I wrote a long blabbering Sunday Scribble. (Never done this before.)

    Now I want to write a poem.

  7. I like your poem, a handful of words in an email with the power to excite.

  8. I have found the best thing for toes that curl and the calf-cramps that must ensue is to forthwith rise to one's feet. This forces the muscles and ligaments to stretch.

    It helps to shout, "God Save the Queen!" as a distraction from the pain.

  9. I like the waking-and-stretching feel of this poem, Gautami.

  10. i think very few of us are gifted with a beautiful imagination :)