Wednesday, 24 June 2009

sultry days of summer

i rubbed my wrinkled eyes
trying to dispel heat
tap water is just as hot
(i wish I had so much ice
to add to my bath water)
sleep was hard to come
airconditioners ineffective
at 109-111 degree fahrenheit

with long power outages
i experienced hell at first hand
my pillow refused to cool down
my bed sweated as much as I did
my head weighed a ton
morning didn't come soon enough for me
now this, hot water for bathing
heat wave is here to torment me

and then I get that email from you
telling me you welcome such weather
the sultry heat, torrid humidity
in that instant I understood
what you mean to tell me
you and I, I and you
our sweat to intermingle and sparkle-
the fickle me has no grudge towards summer


Heat wave made me write this...


  1. What a seductive ending. Great read. It's certainly getting that time of year where things heat up. I'm glad for the warmer weather as I hate being cooped up in the winter. Have a great day.

  2. I can relate to this we are having out first summer blast of heat and humidity

  3. i love a warm summer day,, but a heatwave with no refuge as you describe it does not appeal to me at all... beautifully written...

  4. A nice summer is one thing. Heatwaves are terrible wherever they are.

  5. I really like the ending. Quite a nice twist at the end.

  6. you make poetry seem easy to do..when i know it's not.

  7. I can just imagine the heat taking over the city,

    your mention of email makes think how modern technology has easily seep into our every day lives and now into your creative conscious...

  8. Very expressive and creative for such an every day subject. I really like it! It's been hot as hell here in New rain for days & that is really unusual for us.

  9. Lovely poem. Here in Tucson, Arizona it gets that hot--but now we are close to the monsoons...soothing rainstorms for the next two months.

  10. I'm looking for ice. You turned this nicely from the hell at first hand to a tumbled sweat.

  11. I could feel the heat from beginning to end, with a sensual twist that was a pleasant surprise!

  12. Wow...the seduction and romance.

  13. What great buildup and release. I love the you and I, I and you line... oh, heck, I like it all. One of my favorites by you.

  14. I love the way the narrator submits to the wishes of her red hot lover...

  15. An appropriate read for the second day of a heat advisory here. We don't usually see temps in the 100s until August.

    I like how you show the narrator's perspective change. Heat and sweat don't always matter so much, perhaps.

  16. Beautiful poetry.. I love your narrative style.. quite like a gushing waterfall!

  17. yeah... this was splendid work! :)

    u get inspired by the heat? wow, it usually brings me down!

    good one gautami..!

  18. Extraordinary. It seems that the heat irradiates from your poem and arrives here, where I am. Those days are just suffocasting; I've had some in Portugal. I put one of those cheap rubber swimming pools in the veranda and all the family was in. I love the ending; a touch of seduction to forget the rough weather.I hope it is cooler now.
    All the best.
    P.S. Congratulations; in all the poewts I studied, I never knew a Maths teacher who plays with words like this.

  19. Yea..summer is not my favorite (here, I mean Indian summer, too hot)

    Nice poem :)