Monday, 1 June 2009

countries scattered on the ground

countries tore away
flew to all corner
nightmarish sleeping dreams
turned real as if waking from dreams
hatred spew poison
would blood be far behind?

what seems is not always as it seems
brittle to touch, a map had fallen apart
countries lay scattered on the ground.
that time is not far behind
when it wouldn't only be a piece of paper
our brittle doings are reason enough

There are sleeping dreams and waking dreams;
What seems is not always as it seems.

Opening lines of A Ballad of Boding by Christina Rossetti

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  1. Fallen maps and world in pathos. This is a wonderful poem.

  2. 'is not always as it seems' no truer words dear girl ;)

  3. Makes me thoughtful. Map is a great motif.

    Best wishes

  4. Lovely thought-provoking imagery - profound.

  5. 'brittle to touch, a map had fallen apart
    countries lay scattered on the ground.'

    What a wise way of putting it.

  6. Very strong and engaging piece. I am reminded of the war and how each country is laying scattered on the ground. A map fallen apart... your words could not have hit home harder. Have a nice day.

  7. sounds like partition.

  8. Wars and rumours of wars, when will it ever end?

  9. Very thought-provoking.
    '...countries lay scattered on the ground.' - an emotive and powerful line.

  10. "brittle to touch, a map had fallen apart countries lay scattered on the ground" Great image Excellent poem

  11. you always make me wish i could write poetry

  12. A very thoughtful write-up....when i started reading it...somehow it reminded me of the India-Pakistan partition...dunno why...

    keep it up dear.muahhh.(hope u don mind it)hehheeheheh.

  13. Well done. Makes one think.

  14. This makes me think of the game Risk. The imagery alone evokes a since of defeat in some way.

    Very nice!

  15. our world is torn apart by greed hate and derision,, it breaks my heart to know that this is the way of the world,, and no amount of dreaming can make it something it isn't....

  16. "hatred spew poison
    would blood be far behind?"

    True enough, with hatred on continuous rotation, violence is inevitable.

  17. brittle doings indeed...enjoyed this very much.

  18. Beautifully written sad tale.

  19. Everything i wanted to say has been said. This really is a remarkable piece. Thank you so much for playing the game.

  20. If only it could be different. There is a sadness to this poem because it's real, isn't it? War, separation, disenfranchisement. A powerful observation.

  21. Deep oh so deep and a very intelligent insight of the world as it really is. "hatred spew poison
    would blood be far behind? a very remarkable line. You write the poetry and I'll buy the book.

  22. The second stanza is very powerful. The imagery of the brittle map breaking apart-- Wow!