Friday, 6 February 2009

rough drafting of art

king of surrealism-
Salvador Dali
The Birth of Venus-

Monet abstracts
Picasso distracts
Monalisa smiles
Matisse riles

I look into all those
again, yet again
and my ego falls
deep into drain,

on my own canvas
or my palette
artwork piles

blackened charcoal
covers my bruised soul


  1. Fun! Light hearted ... paint yourself a bright colour ... bruises will heal.
    hugs for you.
    Just edging back.

  2. wow the first half and 2nd half are very different!! outward and then inward.. i like it.

  3. I agree with Floreta over the contrast between the two halves, from laughter to tears. But then that's often life. Nice poem, Gautami.

  4. A cauldron of emotions surrounding art there. Deep, yet fun, too.

  5. ah the angst and mood of an artist, how well you showed it ;)

  6. Neat poem, and I know what you mean about making comparisons to the greats - that can drive a person bonkers!

  7. Nice poem and so true! I have never seen the Monalisa, it is one painting I would love to see. They say her eyes follow you around!

  8. Being a painter I thoroughly enjoyed this - like how you rendered the emotions.

  9. beautiful one. but now my attntion been drawn to this Remember I get to choose who I want here, not YOU!
    very harsh..
    soryy but it really took me away from your wonderul words for two moments.
    art within art - i like it

  10. From colors to grays...I loved the mood change in this poem. It took me by surprise at the turn, but I loved the effect!

  11. The same thing happens to me when I read a really good novel. My own writings seem impotent.

  12. Oh.. I know that feeling. So well-described!

  13. It starts out light-hearted and bright then deepens into blacks and grays and melancholy. I think you expressed exactly what you meant to express and did it brilliantly.

  14. This poem rings so true. It reflects those times that ego raises its ugly, crippling head, offering deadly comparisons that harm us and turn us away from our eforts!

  15. I'm certain that all of the great artists doubted themselves at some stage. So when you look at the Mona Lisa you see her smile. Interesting!

  16. I love this Sunday Scribbling, the words are so provocative and powerful. I especially like the last two lines...I could picture myself just that- a bruised soul covered in charcoal. Your words made these images seem real- wow.

    Thank you! I really like this.
    Mine's up too.

    Bella :)

  17. the bright in the beginning made the ends felt even darker...

    this is a contrast you usually do in painting. but you brought it to a poem. great!

  18. Yes the masters were great, and looking at them makes one feel that it has all already been done...but don't give up on your piles of art. From great feeling comes great art and someday it will surface to your in a beautiful poem.

  19. I love the mood shift in this poem. You have captured precisely why I didn't pursue art in college.

  20. Wow that was good!!
    You hava a way with words girl...keep it up.

  21. The masters of many crafts seem all powerful in their strength and the appeal of their works, yet how many of them died friendless, in poverty and doubt?

    Shadows talk all of us--artists, poets, musicians....

    I'm glad I read your poem this morning! It asks questions of the soul.

  22. This poem is like a spotlight roaming around, focusing on all the famous pieces of art and then ending with the ordinary person's art, which to me, is just as important!

    Love it!

  23. Who is to say that your nondescript
    artwork is any less valid than that of the great masters. Excellent as always!

  24. love this. and don't underestimate yourself, my freind :)

  25. My kind of rhyme! Love it...

    Did I tell you I went to Salvador Dali's house once, we went out in the boat that he used to use too, not the one with the hole in the bottom that has a tree growing through it, that one's still outside his house.

  26. Very nice poem- created great mental images for me.
    I agree, this was interesting.
    be well

  27. Great rhythm and word choice while mentioning the great artists from history.
    I'm sorry your heart is still hurting.You have so much to share.