Friday, 25 January 2008

Housing my soul

This is getting ridiculous, my obsession for you
I am beyond any thing else, save you
I know I am being very predictable
Grand passion, heated body, exploded senses are nothing new
In a way, those are most over-rated.
You can see how everyone goes on and on about it.
Still, that is how I feel about it.
As they show in those movies
Write in those soppy novels
Can’t you feel electricity flowing through us?
Each electron going towards its goal with a single mindedness
My fingers slowly touching you, pushing all those buttons
Right touch, exact amount of pressure
Nothing is forced or contrived
Intensity seems to touch a new height each time
Newness never ceases to surprise me
Is it all from my side?
Without me you are reduced to nothing, incomplete, a block of wood
Even after so long an association, you are so detached
Do you realise, when I wish to forget myself, I come to you
How our desires merge, becoming one.
Housing my soul in yours, we together make music


  1. Hi Gautami!!!! (((hugs)))) Just cause. :)

    Great poem, too bad a man can't play that way.

  2. Music does truly speak to the very core of our souls.

    Excellent post Gautami.

  3. I was going to write something like this but I'm glad I didn't...your would definitely overshadow cuz it's really really good!

  4. Great post Gautami! Music - so desirable.

  5. "Each electron going towards its goal with a single mindedness"

    I just loved this line, and also the clever insertion of the Writers Island link!

  6. That's lovely, Gautami. You really nailed it perfectly.

  7. sorry i haven't been around much lately. was having some rather... erm... challemging times...

    but i sense a certain shift in your poetry... i can't wuite describe it but it feels more... i don't know... mature

    anyway, love it!

  8. More a sublime desire here, I think. Perhaps it is how it really is.

  9. You write with such emotion and such incite.

    I love it!

  10. Wow, I really liked it. Made me salivate for every next line.

    I wrote a poem a long time ago like this, but it sounded like it was sexual and it was just me playing guitar. :-P

  11. Hi Gautami! I love the musical yearning and passion in this -- fun and full of connection and relationship. Really well done!! Very enjoyable reading.

  12. actually Gautami, I think this may be one of the best things I've seen of yours.

    yeah, I like it a lot!

    thanks for visiting my blog, too.

    d :()

  13. the last 2 concluding lines are simply magical. what a nice write :-)

  14. Hi Gautami
    A beautiful place here!
    Excellent post! Good poem. You are Master.
    Thank you.
    have a good week

  15. "
    Do you realise, when I wish to forget myself, I come to you"

    has kept me wondering.. really a profound statement this one

  16. ...desire lost in music...nothing is forced or contrived...yes, i believe...

  17. Oh Gautami this is so moving, and the last line, I think there isn't a woman on earth who wouldn't love to hear that.


  18. your poems make me spend more time in your page. i liked this one. I wish i can write like you

  19. Housing my soul in yours, we together make music. Breathtaking
    what a desirable poem

  20. lovely, with a wonderful ending.:)

  21. Clever lines and great connections... nice read!

  22. 'Each electron going towards its goal with a single mindedness'. I loved this line too. Poetry in motion.

  23. Cool! I like the way you did this!

  24. I know a lot of guys without passion, living like robots. It is just UNBELIEVABLE...

  25. This is truly beautiful, I love the way your mind works, and how it flows into words...

    listen, I know you might be busy, but there's an interesting meme at my space which has three pieces to it, if you have time, would you mind responding? I would love to hear what you think. Follow my name to get there. Thanks.

  26. Passionate, beautiful yearning for connection in song and souls. Incredible poem.

  27. Another delightful write! I so enjoy your poems!

  28. Very nicely done. You are a wonderful writer and so talented.

  29. I love how you make your poems so tactile: "My fingers slowly touching you, pushing all those buttons/Right touch, exact amount of pressure".

  30. Wonderful use of wirds to describe sucha vast concept.

  31. Hi guatami, very sensual look at desire. So many buttons, so little time ;)