Thursday, 3 January 2008

epistle of dribble---Totally Optional Prompts

as a last resort, I write to your esteemed paper,
kind sir. never having addressed to an editor,
please do excuse my very poor language skills.
lest I forget what I need to say, drain water spills
inside my apartment block, despite repeated
remainders, authorities have remained seated
glued to their chairs, wholly deaf to my entreaty
stink is too much to bear, shedding my brevity
now I want needful to be done pressuring them
via your printed media, drawing a bit of shame
on their demeanors, so they dig deeply into soil
laying sewer line ten feet under, so that their toil
would not go wasted- all that muddy stench is rested!

I now end it here, before I go on about more dribble
hope you publish my epistle as soon as possible.

This is a true account. Sewage water was flowing through our Apartments block and no one was ready to do anything. I contacted the local papers. After they published it, the pipelines were repaired in no time. I obviously did not write it in a poem form!


  1. As they say Gautami, the squeaky wheel gets the grease; or in this case, the sewage. It would have been interesting to have sent it in poetic form though.

  2. Glad to hear you got results - I write letters to the editor and my poetry is often published in the paper BUT nothing gets better! Grin.

  3. The power of the pen... or of a woman's wrath. ;)




  4. epistle of dribble - a clever title!

  5. Go get 'em, girl! I often write letters to the editor and have had many published in the NY Times and elsewhere. But I don't write as many as I used to, now that I write haiku.

    morning paper
    checking the letters
    to see if I'm there

  6. I guess that flushed them out huh?

  7. how horrible! I'm glad you spoke up and got it resolved! Have a dry new year!

  8. Good for you--it does make an excellent poem

  9. You really 'laid it on the line'!

    'Sewar' you going to start writing letters to the editor on a regular basis now?

    har har

  10. It's always curious what gets printed, and what gets results. Good job.

  11. love that final rhyme
    thanks gautami