Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Wings of Tale---Shakespearean Sonnet--3WW

Endless, Ought, Shadow

Wings of Tale

How can ever I know what all you say is true,
turning the corner you saw a wizard’s face?
This kind of talk from you not at all new,
you are prone to see weird things at any place.

Some times, I feel your imaginings are so free,
with your perception, the world ought to change-
fairy tales seem so true, present becomes history;
pictures from playing cards come alive. Strange

shadows seem so normal. None of those decree
work any more around you. Who is going to dwell
about the way you are? My thoughts are let it be,
go ahead make it known what you observe. Tell

it all in vivid details. Let the wings of tales grow,
merging into reality- turning into an endless show!


And do feel free to read and comment on my review on "The Places in Between" by Rory Stewart.


  1. if reality is an amalgamation of perception than we must have all the pieces, no?

  2. Definitely get the impression of a puppet show, magic illusions. What is real?



  3. Truth-moving pictures, yes!?:) Words of power, your words have power...

  4. lovely sonnet. love the insight on those shadow plays. beautiful ending :)

  5. Beautiful use of language.

  6. ozymandiaz: THat we can't have, now can we?

    rose: Who knows whats real?

    borut, rax, joan, shelby: Thanks!

  7. Glad you came by; thanks for posting. Your pictures are amazing. Keep stopping by: I'll try to post more often now that I'm used to the summer school schedule.

  8. I love your choice of words... the images that convey how if we dwell in fantasy long enough, it can mix with the real world and become difficult to separate. Particularly poignant when you're around older adults, who sometimes have trouble separating their real histories from what they wish had happened--my father a case in point.


  9. wonderful things come out where reality and imagination meet...


  10. Strange shadows seem so normal.

    I really like this line. It's always amazing what is "normal" to/about one person.

  11. I like the surreal imagery of your poem. I feel like I'm wandering through a demented dream

  12. It's always interesting the direction the words take people.

    This is my favorite line: pictures from playing cards come alive. Strange

  13. Im not even sure what to comment always...great job! Always a pleasure to read!

  14. true...very true!

    btw Gautami when is ur bday?


  15. Thanks friends. I think writing about shadows is my forte.


  16. Hi, I'm looking for your peace post or globe? could you let me know where it is? Thanks

    Peace to you and yours
    now and always

    Dona Nobis Pacem
    at Words that Flow

  17. This felt right to me, especially the ending, "Let the wings of tales grow,
    merging into reality- turning into an endless show!"