Saturday, 23 June 2007

Secrets and Recompense---Sunday Scribblings and 3WW

Sunday Scribblings insists that I have a secret which I share here…

Coming back to the topic in hand, "I have a secret" holds true for most of us.

Several are open secrets. We tell those to all and sundry, warning them not to pass it on to anyone. The sure fire way of letting the whole world know!

We all have certain secrets buried in the recesses of our minds that no one can reach. Many secrets stay there forever, not to be shared with anyone. Secrets, which rest profound, are the ones, which trouble us most. Certain secrets are unhealthy too. These can hurt us no end. Those deep embedded secrets fester, rot and eat into us. There are times we want to unburden those but cannot find any outlet. We try to get rid of those but do not succeed.

There are some, which lose their secretiveness after a certain periodof time. They no longer seem important. Trivial secrets too stay in there forever decaying our thought processes. Nevertheless, we do not realise and still hold on.

Then there are some which can be penetrated by a special person who breaks into and rail roads leaving out nothing within us. Still one feels safe about that fact. Only then one realises the worth of secret dreams which give us hope for the future. Those are necessary secrets to survive.

Now I have gone into a pondering mode! I tend to do that a lot. My ruminations are never complete without a poem.

I am taking a complete different path here....... man against nature.

I took the the three words: Reach, Heavily, Cheek from 3WW and wrote this poem, killing two birds with one stone!


you want the secrets brought
out for selfish needs, giving no
second thoughts for the price
of your mindless performance.

you reach out, mauling heavily,
laying her soul bare, stripping
the core, which nourishes you
magnanimously, for aeons of time

when she hurtles those loosened
stones bereft of bindings to hold,
you have the cheek to ask her
why she is playing havoc with you.

those are your tidings, created
wholly by you, the consequences
of your actions, just as vitriolic spate
is the nature’s way of recompense.

Others too share their secrets here.....


  1. Very well done. I really like this. Full of much meaning and many takes on reality. My but what words can do! Hope you are well, Gautami.

  2. What a great topic to ponder, secrets.

    We all have them and I agree --some secrets aren't really secrets at all, and some secrets are so scary we hardly acknowledge them ourselves.

    Great post!

  3. thanks for the 3ww link - I am going to give this a try later this week

  4. Secrets wouldn't be if we shared them with others. Very well written.

  5. your poem is interesting...but there is a good nature of secrets too and so many secrets worth to be known...beautiful and impossible dreams are sometimes our best secrets...and discover that other has your same dream is a privilege

  6. Why do we love secrets so much!?

  7. Secrets are arbitrary, I guess- and so variable. I really liked your posit on secrets and the poem was wonderful!

  8. Very very interesting Gautami...I'm here today from Michele's....In AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) they say, "you are only as sick as your secrets"....I think there is a lot to that statement....And it is true, everyone seems to have secret----some people more than others, that is for sure! Wondeful interesting subject to ponder on.

  9. Hi to you and Delhi. It is a few years since I was there. I am better at keeping other people's secrets than my own.
    Michele says hi!

  10. Your bittersweet poem reminds me of once telling a confidante a secret, who used it against me at every opportunity. Some secrets are best undisturbed.

  11. Bravo Gautami...that poem said so much to me, very beautifully written.

    Secrets can sometimes be wonderful, to be taken out in private moments and hug them to yourself. Others can eat away at your soul until there is nothing but an empty shell.

  12. just ripping out part of your soul...nicely written!

  13. I like how you dissected the topic of secrets and classified them so that each one of us can think of a secret we have that falls into one of your types!

  14. There truly are many levels of secrets. Thanks for your thoughts; you've got me thinking, too.

  15. a nice pondering on secrets. yes, there are many kinds of secrets...
    and i love your take in the poem.

  16. beautiful poem!

    i'm just finishing reading the novel The Memory Keeper's Daughter, in which a secret plays a central role in the lives of all the main characters.

  17. you took the same route (I did in a way)
    (great minds!) Nice job with the prompt :)

  18. well done gautami! the deepest secrets are definately the most disturbing. it takes courage to look within our souls to find truth and this is a vulnerable place to dwell.

    i really enjoyed your poem.

    take care.

  19. I stand and applaud your insight!

  20. very nice...secrets are secrets for a reason. if you have ever had one used against you, you can appreciate the reason secrets are kept secrets.

    thanks for stopping by my spot on the web!

  21. Hi Gautami! I love your ponderings on secrets. Your insights are very wise. And I really like the line "Secrets, which rest profound, are the ones, which trouble us most." Great truth here. And your poem is brilliant. The line "loosened stones bereft of bindings" is SO nice. I really like the feeling in the poem and its passion.

  22. ".....stones bereft of binding". I LIKE that line! Michele sent me.

  23. It's no secret that you have a way with words. Nice poem and post.

  24. We are all pondering ... all day ... every day. Thinking, thinking ... even whilst we are working ... the secrets that we hold ... we have conversations with ... we sometimes try to erase them. Maybe, maybe they await the right time to reveal themselves ... maybe they await your attention. Great post.
    Glad to see you back. :o)

  25. Of course, once it's shared, it isn't a secret :) Michele says hi!

  26. Very profound and thought provoking

  27. Very moving Gautami!

    It brought clearly to my mind the way humankind is mauling the planet -- "for selfish needs, giving no second thoughts for the price"

  28. we are hypocrites ourselves because we love to dig the secrets of others. Id say the ones that we keep inside and can never tell is the most painful.

    I wonder what will happen to all those that went to the grave, we shall never know those. Maybe God only. A cosmic uncertainty.

    Certainly a nice poem and writeup.

  29. Very well written Gautami.
    I, personally, do not like secrets. Yes, some do eat away at your soul, and they are the worst kind.
    To me secrets can show signs of betrayal and dishonesty and these I do not like. Secrets can really hurt people in many ways.
    I prefer to have everything out in the open, there is more honesty that way.
    I know many people will disagree with me but that is ok too

  30. gautami,
    Some secrets are well shared, others are best left deeply buried.
    Your poem reminds me of the golden rule.

  31. Great thought on secrets! If you feel like sharing some "secrets" I have tagged you for a meme over on blog. Do check it out and play along if you feel inspired to do so!

  32. "We tell those to all and sundry, warning them not to pass it on to anyone. The sure fire way of letting the whole world know!"

    This is so very true.

    There's a lot of food for thought in this post. Thank you.

  33. Its nice to be back in here ...Nasra

  34. "We tell those to all and sundry, warning them not to pass it on to anyone. The sure fire way of letting the whole world know!"

    :) :) :) - yes, thatis true.

  35. super post and great thoughts on secrets. The poem only adds more strength and meaning to the whole post.

  36. whenever i give one of my family, bearing in mind they are all adults now, a secret to keep close, you can guarantee that everyone in my family will know about before the day closes!!

    good stuff guatami. cleverly put together.

  37. "Secrets which rest profound are the ones that trouble us most." There is a great deal of wisdom in what you have said about secrets, esp. the deeply buried ones (usually those which would cause us shame), the ones that fester and decay inside can cause great and long-lasting damage.
    Very insightful post!

  38. This was outstanding. My favorite I've read from you in the short while I've been reading here, Gautami.

    The ponderings were so true, first of all. There is no substitute for a clear conscience. Then the poem was, as well. I think you should submit this.

  39. G,
    This is one of your most powerful poems. Creative and interesting post.
    (I need to sleep before I read your current post in detail, but I anticipate it with relish. Learning new info and I spied reading suggestions. Thx. Yum! I'm a voracious reader.