Thursday, 21 June 2007

Love Ponders---Shakespearean Sonnet---Poetry Thursday

I am back from Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as the abode of His Holiness, Dalai Lama. I will write about that soon.

I will get back to all your posts too!

Here I offer a sonnet for Poetry Thursday though it is friday here. I wrote it a few days back.


with unseeing eyes my gloom gleams so
i start reassuring her on her eternal discontent-
how like Eve's apple does her allure grow
sweet, lovely and loyal, is all my argument

alert is my heart, to mind’s and soul's delight-
to pristine process, to amalgamations strange
that in black ink my love may still glisten bright.
aeons, you shall not show off that i do change

although pondering kills me, i have not thought
about that where depends birth, affluence or wit
i lament the lack of many a things i have sought
it might seem bare, in coveting words to show it.

these faltering steps give my heart an extra youth
to feed upon the curiosity of surroundings truth.


  1. welcome back to your and your words
    thank you for this sonnet to welcome the dawn (03.15 here)

  2. Wow - the home of the Dalai Llama, I'm impressed! Your sonnet is lovely, I enjoyed reading it out loud.

  3. Gautami, you have such grace with formal poetry... ;)

  4. Now this was nice...
    Here from Michele's this evening...

  5. That is a lovely sonnet :)

    Your trip sounds like an amazing expereince - I will have to remember to come back adn read about it.

    Michele sent me to say hello.

  6. Hello, Michele sent me.

    Welcome back. I'll have to keep an I out for your posts about your trip.

  7. I love the sound of a Shakespearean Sonnet but I must admit it always takes a few reads to understand each line. lol You challenge me to try new things each week. You rock!

    I hope you enjoyed your trip and gave our regards to the Dalai Llama. :)

  8. Hi Gautami! I'm SO glad you're back and I can't wait to hear about Dharamsala, where I hope to go someday. I LOVE your sonnet -- so many great lines and word combinations, including "pristine process" and "that in black ink my love may still glisten bright" just to name a couple of them. I hope you have a great weekend.

  9. wecome back and I'm looking forward to your post about your trip. I like your sonnet -- "Eve's apple alluring glow"

  10. A lovely sonnet, Guatami. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

  11. your structured poetry is amazing.

    welcome back, gautami.

  12. alert is the heart, that then makes eternity of the youth that is left. Life is great, and romantic, and brilliant.

    Any snaps of Dharmashala?

  13. Geez didn't take this lot long to miss you did it?

    And your words once again
    speak in volumes!

  14. lovely -- I want to write a sonnet - tried a few days ago but just couldn't get it going. Maybe another time. :)

  15. Can't wait to hear about the Dharamsala experience.Been there too!
    Pristine place:)

  16. I like your work but this one seems very ambiguous in its words.
    I do wonder what it is really about