Sunday, 24 November 2013

let him grab the world

Autumn on the River, 1889, John Singer Sargent 
there is no blackboard
however he writes on the blackened wall
suffering is his undoing to open up
he wants to escape the cycle
he wishes to disappear from that gathering
it might lessen the gap between him 
and his choice to create nothing
the long habits of his brothers compels him to stay
but he wants to give up his own habit
it is not a virtue for him to enforce suffering on oneself

"what would regard do, if one has no desire to go on?
flights of fancy will only take as afar, not just ascetism
one might just choose to float away like her
with no destination in sight neither in mind nor heart"


  1. The desire to break the cycle is perhaps more important than what we find to write on..

  2. better to grab the world than continue the cycle of bad habits!

  3. Humans are blessed and cursed with such thinking brains. We use it not just for survival by to ask the unanswerable "Why?" And so we suffer.

  4. It's good desire to open up, but not must act. ~ Love your use of quotes at the end of the poem. Nice.

  5. It is so difficult to go against that which we have learned from those around us, but the pain itself is a part of the lesson.


  6. "Let him grab the world" whether on a black wall or on an open pathway. It won't be easy to stop seeking approval from the tradition, but the narration in this poem shows a choice on the verge of being made for the sake of LIFE. I like how it eases into the spoken word at the end. It is unclear to this reader whether it is on the wall, aloud, or a quote from a reading, but the ambiguity works for me.

  7. A habit is a sheer convenience. But a bad habit is difficult to control and can be damaging. Nicely gautami!


  8. Beautiful piece reflecting on the difficulty of breaking the cycle of bad habits. Nicely done.

  9. hard not to long to float away at times… can be a difficult habit to release.

  10. Breaking a harmful cycle isn't easy...such a beautiful piece

  11. I love your unique take on this!

  12. Love your word play and the unique way you expressed the creative struggle.

  13. Breaking bad habits is sometimes very hard to do, Gautami. Beautifully written.