Sunday, 10 February 2013

fill it all in a bottle

"I will court you"
he never ever said that
but I had heard
he gifted me a coral beaded on a thread
I would have preferred a plume
such a rare thing to give
why can't he pour his feelings from a bottle?
a dry bathe
Isn't that a paradox?
why am I thinking randomly
what incident has made me so
I want all in my own terms
my heart open to him
I make a ball of my fist
and come back to silence

power of denial cannot be ignored
not when it takes us over completely


  1. They say it takes two to tango... I can't dance... Do I care...? :)

  2. Sad indeed. The power of denial can be overpowering. Realizing so, is such a powerful first step. Peace.

  3. This is a thought-provoking poem, Guatami. Well penned.

  4. Men live in a parallel universe and are not all that perceptive. It is rare to find a soul mate that anticipates your needs. If you do, tell no-one, keep him for yourself.

  5. Sometimes denial is our only tool.

  6. Cool take on denial and self-deception and wanting something so hard we make it "true". Love the first lines.

  7. Such a provocative piece! Lots of thought in there.

  8. So many questions! I'm listening, I can hear the words, but I don't pretend to understand.