Saturday, 2 February 2013

facts and figures

such a rock
a burden really one has to carry
no one to fuss.
miserable holds no meaning
sweet charisma prove nothing
a straight road twisted with enough interest
a wish
all within the mind
don't make a bust of me
I don't want it
never did.
prove what to you again-
in the jumbled figures, 
I cannot find

If you could not give it to me then
I don't want it now
hope someday you go figure the whats and whys


I am trying to cull many things out of my life. Only by culling, we can embrace new experiences. I am trying. God knows, I am trying...


  1. This comes across as a hard-edged poem - the style reflects the feelings you are expressing well - although I suspect there is much more underneath.

  2. Wonderful piece of writing.... the feelings engendered are palpable.

  3. Very powerfully expressed! I was immediately drawn in by your first line. Well done!

  4. Love the 'if I can't have, I don't need it' attitude!

  5. such determination and hope through difficulty

  6. Your words reflect the feelings your comment state, how you are dealing with events in your life. A powerful poem!

  7. Cleaning away the debris is such a tricky thing. Times are, I'd burn the house, and gladly. But ten minutes later I would be wanting something that can't be replaced.

  8. A lot of emotion and maybe confusion in your write. I think about it differently though. I don't think you have to cull anything to have new experiences. I think we all have an unlimited ability to experience new things as long as we open up and allow it. Sometimes that means you are exposed. Nonetheless, we go on. Life is about memories and new experiences (good and bad). :)

  9. Lovely poem written so delicately that frankly I read it twice and then again to be sure this related to the wordle words which were woven so masterfully :)

    (would you feel comfortable getting rid of your word confirmation it is a bit of a pain).

  10. Those last three italicized lines serve as a perfect epilogue for this poem. Well done.

  11. Last lines give out strong feelings contained within.

    A powerful poem.

  12. Yes, there comes a time - when we divest the energy-draining sources, we can focus more on the positive things.......spring cleaning!

  13. Culling can be a good thing. Even when we are safely settled, we seem to have too much.

    Hopefully the new space that is created provides room for beauty and peace.

    I went in a different direction with my non-story verse piece based on the Salem Witch trials, though some thought it related to another famous figure.

  14. I often wonder how much of a writer comes out in their work. You have done this so skilfully here that we are intrigued but still mystified and put our own thoughts in.

  15. great emotion ..... so many different takes on this, my suggested prompt....yours is unique and well-done

  16. "a straight road twisted with enough interest"

    fabulous line!

    i'm trying to simplify and keep only what really matters, but it's hard! good luck!

  17. don't make a bust of me..
    very powerful..

  18. kind of enough is enough! straight and hard hitting like the first line.

    good one!


  19. A lovely farewell. Too bad the rock was never carved to reveal its hidden art, always possible and wasted.

  20. There are things we must say goodbye to and you did it so well.

  21. Stand strong and persevere! And when you cull everything out of life, let me know how it feels. I could stand to lop off some excess of my own!