Wednesday, 25 July 2012

twisted into shape

Figure Eight, 1952, by Franz Kline
a sorry sketch of figure eight
a caricatured horse
twisted into oblivion
who cut into sharp edges
would it not endanger?

"meaningless madness is a hazard
not some misshapen metal
-a treasure for an artist"


  1. I try to find hidden meaning in most poetry, but I am fairly literal, so I got lost here.....which does not mean I did not like the writing, but just that I didn't get more than the obvious....maybe that's alright, too....

  2. Havent been by for a while glad I came today...good poem!

  3. Artistry is often hard to understand

  4. It certainly doesn't look like a lucky Chinese 8! However that could be the joke that the endless rhythm of the 8 is broken like life's unfulfilled dreams.

  5. :-) Terrible mess. Reminds me of too many bad things in my life.

  6. Gautami, this was spare and meaningful for me. The whole idea of visual art is to be open to interpretation, and your kind worry about the horse, the sharp edges, took this to another level. Thanks for a kind poem. Peace, Amy

  7. I agree with the 'sorry sketch' description...

  8. Gautami,

    I agree with Meaningless madness.... fully.

    Take care

  9. This one prompted a read and a re-read. Referencing multiple meanings with such brevity is skillful. The sharp cadence and change in fonts are devises well used.

  10. We all get cut from the sharp edges of oblivion. Pain comes often from trying to make sense of things that perplex us. I like the multiple images here. Nicely done.

  11. nice - I like "a caricatured horse
    twisted into oblivion"