Sunday, 15 July 2012

planted ruminations

with all humility
the plant defied gravity
sprouting upside down
from a crack in the roof
when a plant relishes a spray of water
on its leaves
it sheds the dry feeling
it does claim a calmness
a plant can feel chained to ground
standing at one place
for a long long time
death being a trigger for another place
from that upside down position
it swells with pride
no one will grittle it
a fate deserved only for grounded plants

maybe someday,
it might be sooner than later
it will watch action-laden plant flicks
when it might say rain rain go away


  1. I like this a lot! Good use of the Wordle words and nice thoughts on the plant.

  2. so glad no foot will 'grittle' that well-written...

  3. I salute this hardy plant and your wonder-filled description of its tenacity!

    Gardener Grittle

  4. Love how your plant comes alive and its tenacity. A lot like some people.


  5. Gautami,

    Out of the ordinary does progress well.

    Take care

  6. ...really like the opening of this piece...

  7. hmmm...upside down plant, how often I have felt that upside down feeling! I liked your write....

  8. I see plants twist in unique ways to catch the sun...There is an old wives tale that when a tree turns it's leaves over rain is on the way...better to absorb the moisture than to let it drip slickly away.
    Nice to give the plant a say!

    I'm here: oodecin

  9. I love this! I have marveled at the tenacity of certain plants in their quest to follow the sun.

  10. I love the italicised stanza [it is a stanza, yes?]. The image of the plant watching movies, upside down, is hilarious and gives the plant a whole other layer of personality.

  11. action laden plant flicks. Amazing! Nice read!

  12. The plant worked so well for this prompt. Well done.

  13. Nicely done wordle. I think you've written about some of my weeds!


  14. the story of the plant is actually really cool...i like overcomers...even if they are plants...

  15. I read this as a metaphorical reflection...liked it a lot, Gautami.

  16. Ha! Here are the joys of taking the unexpected path and trying to live in unpopulated places--or at least on the ceilings from which one can watch others of our kind live their lives.
    I had never heard of "grittling" before, and love how it adds here to the need to unchain and escape and find the possible future.

  17. I'm reminded of a line from Jurassic Park - "Life finds a way."

  18. Loved the image here... life has its ways.

  19. Nice to come upon a wordle midweek.

  20. plants are resilant. and i'm inlove with this goofy life-loving
    plant of yours.
    embracing life and laughing in
    its face as you flourish.

  21. We are a little late getting the prompts together for the rest of the summer, but your prompt "niche" is up tomorrow, Sunday. Thank you for your support of OSI.

  22. It's such a hardy plant. Nice use of the wordle words. Great verse Gautami!


  23. I love how plants always manage to find a way to thrive even in the harshest of environments. I've often called it "life, defiant", and this wonderful poem exemplifies that feeling perfectly.

    So good to see you again!