Wednesday, 26 January 2011

zeroing into the arrow

who erased that arrow-
the one which lead me to dawn
now I am perpetually hanging in the night
where I dream of light,
the path laid with trees
flames in their branches 
fire my passionate heart
night is not just symbolic of darkness
it is the bridge between luminosity and ignorance
choice lies on me, to which I wake up

"I will pass that coffee, and let the rays of sun permeate me"


I might have wanted a break from poetry, but poetry had other ideas. It insisted to get out of my mind. So here I am. I have not edited or polished it. Maybe someday I will get around doing that. Or maybe not.

BTW, Monday Poetry Train has not stopped. It is still running in full steam, well, I use electricity now. Go post your poetry URLs in the there!


  1. I noticed the po train had not been running for the past few weeks and checked in here. Now I see why!

    You never know with poetry. It can be sneaky, once you've opened yourself up so wide to it.

    Take care of yourself!

  2. it is the bridge between luminosity and ignorance

    Bit like imagination and curiosity, then?

  3. Gautami, quite the opposite of how I feel:)

  4. This shows that you need to keep writing. Keep 'em coming!

  5. "night is not just symbolic of darkness
    it is the bridge between luminosity and ignorance" ......

    Again .... this is absolutely stunning!! What a picture you gave!!!

  6. Love the trees with flames in their branches and that the choice is always here in me/you/ all of us. You must stay with the poetry. You give such a fine and delicate example.


  7. you wanted a break...dont believe that...very well written..thanks for sharing pete

  8. I too find that though I am yearning to create in other forms, poetry like the choices in the night's darkness, draws me in the direction of clarity.

  9. I could not get past that arrow. Really bugged me when I saw the Mag prompt, but I like what you did with it. A bridge, indeed.

  10. Always keep the unpolished pieces. In a month or two, or in a few years, you'll find this unpolished gem and have the time and the desire to examine its many facets...

  11. Lovely. This encompasses life to the nth.

  12. At the beginning, I had the sense of not being able to find your way back somewhere you had been before.

    I think most of us need a break from time to time. Me, especially. But eventually the words are inside burning to come out.

  13. Beautiful images created in the light of night, Gautami..
    Yup, the choice always lies in our hands on where we want to wake up to... to the light of this night, or to the darkness of days..

    This was a very sweet yet intense take on the Magpie! Much enjoyed!

  14. A sensual evocative poem -- so interesting your passion is intense as the sun that flames the trees red and innocent like the purity of the snow.

    It seems your 'muse' wants you to keep writing ...


  15. "...bridge between luminosity and ignorance" So thought provoking. Nice piece.

  16. beautifully wrtten-wonderful imagery

  17. This is just lovely. Sometimes unpolished stones are the most beautiful.

  18. Very nice! It's good to know that the bridge is still there, even if the arrow has been erased.

  19. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

  20. This is a beautiful, beautiful poem - and I am not sure why I hadn't commented on it before, especially as I so love how you write.

    I especially liked the line, " is the bridge between luminosity and ignorance..."

  21. Wow, what an amazing poem. So much meaning in these words and metaphors that I connect to. Beautifully done.

  22. As others have said, "line between luminosity and ignorance" is a fascinating line.

  23. Thoughtful Poem Gautami and I welcome you to 'The Haiku Challenge'.

    Someone is Special