Friday, 13 August 2010

red sand

I let the grains slide through my fingers
each one reflecting the lights
I can feel the beginning of my planet in those
a story in each particle
I don't know any of those tales
I can feel the heat and the grit-
abrasive on my body
yet I can feel the life
and the character of the land
red sand takes in my life force
giving me back in thousand folds
since inception of the particles
it was pre-ordained that we live here
sharing equally with everyone
however, destruction is our other name
we will disappear into nothing
but the red sand will live here forever
telling our tales to whoever who cares
to listen, to learn, to continue the cycle
" to be destroyed yet again. and again"


  1. I like what the granules of red sand have to say, the stories they hint at but don't reveal in their entirety (I don't know any of those tales). And hmm... destruction is our other name is a sobering thought, if only because of the grain of truth it contains.

  2. Makes me remember the red sand in the island that became their home, until they got really old, although only a dream. Nice write-up.

  3. Gautami this is so beautiful!
    The imagery is dreamy
    (thanks for your kind words on my blog)

  4. Ah that red sand... creates and destroys! Great poem!

  5. A clever poem, inspired and inspiring.

  6. Beautifully written. I love the idea of the red sand living on......

  7. Oh, red sands. I found a poem in those two words, far different from your own, but touched and ignited within your words. Thank you for the inspiration. You do such lovely things with simple language.


  8. Excellent, thought proviking piece.

  9. Amazing words and beautifully written, thank for sharing^^~

  10. Yes, you are right is a end to a beginning and a beginning to an end, but the cyle continues!

    Very nice rendition of the prompt!

  11. I am so happy to read this..yes, 'destruction is our another name.. one of the most beautiful lines I have ever read..

  12. The red sand seems to contain the feelings from those stories. However, what of destruction? It almost outlines the cycle of reincarnation. Maybe we will make future stories, stored in those tiny grains.

  13. We think so much of ourselves and our power to think and do, yet we will be survived by the sand. Humbling. Beautifully said.

  14. Story is one of my favorite themes to touch on poetry. I love the idea of red sand containing stories. This is a beautiful and interesting piece. Thank you,

  15. heartwrenching piece, but a soul never dies

  16. Birth and destruction, never ending cycle. Great rumination.

  17. I see the repeat, the continual movement in this poem.

    If you ever get to the desert southwest, you should visit Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Utah--hills of reddish sand.

  18. In the beginning is the end of the beginning. So it will always be.

  19. I appreciate your caring for the universe...well said!

  20. i like the imagery you've used here ... wonderful.

  21. I want to personally be destroyed every day to begin anew, thank you for this thoughtful piece!

  22. very well said and inspiring - thank you

  23. Hi Gautami, sorry I've been away since June - I love the idea of a story in each particle of red sand!

    From dust to dust perhaps?

    <3 Andy