Saturday, 21 August 2010

a trophy

I had carried it for long
everywhere I went
it was with me
I cherished it
pampered it
loved flaunting it
even when it almost faded
it had become a part of me
the very thought of letting go scared me

then I recognized the truth,
surrounding me,
it took pieces off me
a parasite feeding greedily,
I gave it a big shove-
it fell away, leaving me free;
splinters of pensive thought
lay scattered on hard ground
"it deserved the hard coldness too"


  1. As ever extra ordinary write..this.. yes, it happens.. and wish everyone could have the courage like you..

    Have put up my 99th post.. a Haiku.. do visit in the evening to bless the 100th one too..

  2. Attachment is always soothing,but detachment is a blessing. Excellent.

  3. Tami, your nice poem reminded me of the trophy wife. (Google that)

    They cling and are support but really they aren't doing the kind of favor that a man needs. It works with women too, I think we call these ladies Cougars.

  4. "I gave it a big shove-it fell away, leaving me free"

    Cancer needs swift operation.


  5. ah yes, it takes a while sometime to recognize a parasite.. u did right, giving it a shove and getting free..!

  6. Strange how something we feel is a treasure, can actually be feeding a dark need! Recognise this insidious entity, and then it's right to let it go!

  7. There is so much truth to this. Often what we cherish the most is the worst for us.

  8. Your nice poem shocked me, I admire what the poet did-
    "I gave it a big shove-it fell away, leaving me free"
    Not everyone have have the courage to do that in life.

  9. Wonderfully written! An excellent take on the prompt! Trophies are not always what they seem. =)


  10. When I wrote it down I was only thinking of pensive mood that most of us carry around not wishing to shed it. I like the way how, many of you have interpreted it, in your own ways. That is what makes poetry writing worthwhile.

    Thank you!

  11. Kept me awake after midnight - impressed.
    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  12. I like the contrast you've created between the first and second stanzas.

  13. Ah, the curse of holding on. Well done, friend.

  14. Hard to let go when we dwell on things that dwell in us.

  15. It is hard to let go of that 'over thinking', pensive mindset that corrals many of us. Nice work!

  16. Gautami the letting go is the hardest part! Nice one!

  17. You have expressed the truth of life..very beautifully. Loved it.

  18. oh, i am so glad you are free...

  19. freedom is the key of everything=P

  20. Sometimes we don't realize how weighted we are until we begin to shed what binds or blinds us.

  21. "I gave it a big shove-it fell away, leaving me free" What courage!! Oh how I wish I could do that to something I have carried around for awhile- it would be so liberating-