Sunday, 21 March 2010

birthday swan song

song is but a joy
illogically I sing offkey
on my birthday today


Today it is my birthday. I had looked forward of it being the best one of my life but that didn't happen. So what? I can still celebrate it, can't I? I will gift myself with some jewellery, I am hankering after. Another pair of Platinum studs and of course, books. What else should I buy? I wouldn't mind suggestions.


  1. Life is a garden..
    DIG IT!

    Happy Birthday to my oldest blogging buddy...I mean the blogger that I have known the longest..oh you know what I mean.

    Since I retired I don't get around out here much and I apologise..anyway this day is all about you so have a lovely time :)

  2. Happy birthday!! I wish you all the joy possible today.

  3. You would have to work to convince me that singing offkey is a problem of Logic.

    Please show your reasoning.

    With Perspicacity and Birthday Wishes,


  4. Happy birthday, gautami. I sing offkey 365 days a year.

  5. Here's my thoughts on SINGING
    Have a great Birthday and buy yourself whatever makes you happiest.

  6. happy birthday, gautami! buy some plants if you like that sort of thing...they always make me happy!

  7. Happy BDay Girlie! Cheer up and have fun..

    Forget the blues ... remember the the day that reminds you to live every moment of it.

  8. two wonderful gifts: jewelry and
    books. on my birthday I usually
    get my hair done and eiher treat
    someone dinner or someone treats
    me...or sometimes I'll buy a cake
    and have a close friend over for
    cake & champagne.

  9. Have a very happy birthday, Gautami.

  10. with each birthday, feel more wiser and bright,
    making success looks more clear,
    and build your mind to continue the fight,
    try to live without much fear.

  11. Happy birthday 2U
    squashed tomatoes + stew
    happy birthday
    dear Gautami!

    Take two slices of chocolate cake and allow me to pour you a glass of wine from the virtual vine....

    <3 Andy

  12. If you can't sing off-key on your birthday, when can you?

    I suggest buying a really nice hot chocolate. Good stuff that you wouldn't normally buy. And of course, books, books, books, but it sounds like you already have that covered. =)

  13. Happy Birthday!

    I love girly things, not sure if that is the same for you, but lotions and bubblebaths and perfume... soft scarves... yum. Enjoy as best you can, my friend.

  14. A poet must always sing illogically. It is our destiny.

    Happy Birthday!

  15. Off-key or magical, thing is you are happy dear!

    Happy, happy birthday Gautami...may you have more birthdays to come and more Platinum jewelries and books to own and read!



  16. Happy Happy happy Birthday!!!!!

    Sending you the best of everything...

    Hope the day was simply AWESOME!

    Hope the year ahead is great, with joy, success and everything you wish for:)

    Best wishes, always...